A Christmas Wooby for Oliver

I’m going to drip-feed you with my Christmas presents from this year, starting with a wooby that I knitted for Baby Oliver! I’m sure this guy will get a fun and entertaining name from the parents before long, but for now I am just calling it ‘wooby’, and we’ll go from there!

Spread out a little bit - a wooby ready for hugs!
Spread out a little bit – a wooby ready for hugs!

Christmas was wonderful – we try to concentrate less on stuff and more on family, but I did get a big pack of West Yorkshire Spinner sock yarn that you will see more of this year! I also got a new old spinning wheel, but I haven’t actually officially been given it – more on that next week.

Christmas Wooby

My grand plans for a pair of Cadeautje for Oliver were thwarted by sizing issues, as apparently these are not designed for babies, and I didn’t have enough time to figure out the sizing. As a result, I had to revise my plans quickly, something that I did after I had seen Oliver again and had a chance to figure out his size and what I thought would be appropriate. Not that I left my gift knitting too late or anything! December seems to just flash by in an incredible blur of knitting.

The wooby hanging out on Oliver's play mat.
The wooby hanging out on Oliver’s play mat.

I finished the wooby on the 25th of December, unfortunately after Oliver had gone to bed. I presented it to him on Boxing Day, and his reaction was about as laid back as a baby can be..! I used Sirdar Folksong Folkilicious to knit it, a chunky yarn with 51% wool and 49% acrylic. This is incredibly soft and cuddly, and I love how the colours pooled. I was a little unsure about the colours, but they came out far better than I expected them to!

The colours show up better here, love them.
The colours show up better here, love them.

The pattern I used was Lamby by Tanis Gray. I decided not to add the ears, and rather than using safety eyes and a safety nose as the pattern suggested, I embroidered eyes using a bit of fabric and left it at that. I love it! I hope that Oliver does too. And in case you’re wondering…Christmas knitting for next year starts now!

Much love,

Corrie xx

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