April Resolutions Update

My internet is causing me so many problems that I’ve been trying to write this April Resolutions post for an entire day! My blogging is all done online so even writing the posts offline is impossible. My Facebook and Twitter have been silent as well – I can’t even update my status most of the time. The state of my blog reader is even worse – at last count I have over 500 unread posts! I miss you all horribly, and I wish I were better able to stay in touch.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I’ve just moved from Kent to Devon. My parents house got flooded last year and it is in the final stages of renovation – still uninhabitable, but we are finally able to start decorating some of the rooms and the garden. We spent yesterday, Sunday, in the garden, and I released Archie into his new home after bunny-proofing it. He was *so* happy. Today, we primed what will become my room. And did some clothes shopping!

Archie sprinting up the garden while Jet and Wonder-Mum look on.
Archie sprinting up the garden while Jet and Wonder-Mum look on.

April Resolutions Update

So, what has become of my April Resolutions? A recap:

  1. Knit three different sock patterns.
  2. Knit something with beads in it.
  3. Find a suitable pattern for Wonder-Mum‘s Big Birthday.
  4. Make a wool hackle.

Two new sock patterns have been cast on – Business Casual and Cadence Socks. I expect the third one will be stockinette based – does anyone have a toe-up pattern that is basically stockinette all the way up? I learned at Knit and Natter last week that I need some very simple knitting to cope with the chatting…

I’ve decided that (2) and (4) are to be scrapped for this month. I just don’t have time. I’ll probably try to collect materials for the wool hackle around the building site of the house, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to get started.

As for finding a pattern for Wonder-Mum…I’m going to dedicate some time when I go back to Kent this week to this. I will go potty if I try to do it while I don’t have good internet.

Archie doing some weeding.
Archie doing some weeding.
Scenes from Devon - a field full of assorted sheep.
Scenes from Devon – a field full of assorted sheep.

How are you getting on?

Much love,

Corrie xx

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