[Blogjacking] – Dress for a Wedding

My last post was a blogjack regarding bunting and a dress for a wedding. I am extremely pleased to say that the wedding is over! The dress was finished, the ceremony and party were glorious, and didn’t the bride and groom look awesome?

Beautiful Bride and Gorgeous Groom
Beautiful Bride and Gorgeous Groom

Turtle now has a Mr Turtle, and they are heading on honeymoon tomorrow. Congratulations to them!

The Dress

Unfortunately, owing to the fact that I am now recovering from the wedding preparations and party in Devon with my family, and the fact that I was playing in the quartet and couldn’t take any photos/have photos taken, I can only steal them from my friends and the family!

Preparation for family photographs.
Preparation for family photographs.
Me and my dapper chap, doesn't he look awesome?
Me and my dapper chap, doesn’t he look awesome?

Apologies for the photo quality! I did my hairpiece as well, an hour before the wedding sitting my car and frantically hand-sewing it. I only have a hugely blurry photo of that, so I’m not going to put it up as it mainly just looks gold and green.

The dress came out better than I expected. I did make a test one, which didn’t go so well – boning adds the main structure to the bodice, and I didn’t put it into the test one as I didn’t have enough for both. I can always modify it – but once I’d finished that I was keen to get on with the actual thing.

It felt AMAZING on. The tailoring, especially around the bust area, was slightly wrong. I covered it up and intend to fix it at a later date. I didn’t have time before the wedding. The satin, liquid satin from John Lewis, felt absolutely luxurious, and the fact that I’d made it myself made it even more special. I love it.

Frantic sewing and the preparations for the wedding are the reason I haven’t blogged for a while! It took me three days to make, and in true Corrie style I left it to the last week.

As I say, I’m now in Devon and am looking forward to needle felting, some fibre preparation, knitting my Towersey Shawl, and, gasp, sleeping.

How have you all been?

Much love,

Corrie xx

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  1. Regula says:

    Enjoy the weekend. Take a rest! :-)

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