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PSA: Project Cyclops

I’m sitting in Pret a Manger writing a blog post I’ve had no idea how to write. When you take a few weeks of blogging, you suddenly log on one day and realise you haven’t written anything for three months, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year (of giveaways!)

Is the 6th of January too late to be wishing you all a Happy New Year? Mine has started with a bang and I’ve been at work all hours of the day, so this is actually the first chance I’ve … Continue reading

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Oh me, my oh my, isn’t it strange how time goes by

A couple of weeks ago I spent quite some time feeling like I was forgetting something. You know what I mean – that niggling feeling at the back of your mind, which forces you to walk into and out of … Continue reading

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Walking through a Woolly Wonderwool

Last weekend I visited Wonderwool Wales with two of my favourite people. Although John didn’t actually come in to the show with me, he provided valuable moral support from the cafes of Builth Wells, in the form of encouragement and … Continue reading

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Finally breaking the Radio Silence

It’s been a record breaking period of silence at Plutonium Muffins. I’ve been doing a lot of really exciting things, few of which relate to craft, and many of which have left me so exhausted that I got home from … Continue reading

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Five years ago, I sat down in the lounge in a shared flat in Brixton, South London. There were things literally everywhere – a small trunk of yarn, a house rabbit in a cage, very poorly constructed sofas. John and … Continue reading

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I’ve moved to…Bristol!

It’s time for the next Plutonium Muffins update…we’ve moved to Bristol! I started a new job on the 10th of June, and while it’s going well so far, I am absolutely shattered! It’s been a while since I’ve worked full … Continue reading

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It’s the end of the podcast as we know it

It’s time for the podcast announcement that everyone has sort of been expecting. I have talked about this previously, but not in great detail because I hadn’t made my mind up. However, having reviewed my finances, I’ve realised that I … Continue reading

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May I take a photo?

As a blogger, one of the most important things to me whenever I am doing something that I would like to blog about later is taking a photo. It is great to be able to share things visually – after … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

I am posting this Birthday post a few days late – we had some server problems, which hopefully not too many of you noticed, and Plutonium Muffins was down on the day itself! I did a quick search for “Birthday … Continue reading

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