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Five years ago, I sat down in the lounge in a shared flat in Brixton, South London. There were things literally everywhere – a small trunk of yarn, a house rabbit in a cage, very poorly constructed sofas. John and … Continue reading

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I’ve moved to…Bristol!

It’s time for the next Plutonium Muffins update…we’ve moved to Bristol! I started a new job on the 10th of June, and while it’s going well so far, I am absolutely shattered! It’s been a while since I’ve worked full … Continue reading

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It’s the end of the podcast as we know it

It’s time for the podcast announcement that everyone has sort of been expecting. I have talked about this previously, but not in great detail because I hadn’t made my mind up. However, having reviewed my finances, I’ve realised that I … Continue reading

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May I take a photo?

As a blogger, one of the most important things to me whenever I am doing something that I would like to blog about later is taking a photo. It is great to be able to share things visually – after … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

I am posting this Birthday post a few days late – we had some server problems, which hopefully not too many of you noticed, and Plutonium Muffins was down on the day itself! I did a quick search for “Birthday … Continue reading

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Chase the Sheepdog

No, that’s not an instruction – meet Chase the Sheepdog! When I was in Devon a few weeks ago, we had an incident with escaped sheep and it was an uncertain time for the four of us. We have since … Continue reading

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Pray for Paris

I was in the middle or writing a post about sheep and farm life, but tonight my words have failed me as I’ve watched scenes of terror in Paris, my favourite city of them all. I will go to bed … Continue reading

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[COMPETITION] Sheep, sheep, sheep

The sheep are here! If you read last week’s blogpost on Greyface Dartmoors, you’ll know what I’m talking about…but not exactly. I was away from the farm last week, doing things in London, and while I was there my parents … Continue reading

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Studio! The Swallow Barn

I’m in Devon…and I have a studio!! In case you missed the news, I have moved down to South Dartmoor to live with my parents for a month or so while we get things in London figured out (more here). … Continue reading

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Towersey Festival – the Craft Fair

I’m back in London after a very successful Towersey Festival! I taught 12 people to spin, 2 of whom were children. A three year old girl had a go on my spinning wheel, I introduced a number of spinners to … Continue reading

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