Color Affection KAL – and Graduation!

I graduated today! That feels so surreal to type – I’ve been five years in the studying for this, and it should have been three years for the degree that I got, so hurrah for me! I got some photos of me in my gown, with my gorgeous man and with my lovely family – unfortunately, nobody is on Facebook with them yet (they’re all at the pub celebrating while I take a time out and hang out with Grumpy because I’m feeling tired and irritable). [ETA – Have added some photos as they came up on Facebook.]

Grumpy doing my hair.
Grumpy doing my hair.
Ready to go...
Ready to go…
The moment in which I graduate...
The moment in which I graduate…

The ceremony was in the Royal Albert Hall. Incredible, right?! I know, I feel so lucky. I felt like I was at Hogwarts, with my gown and the hall with its floating sound dampeners, and my really proud parents. It was awesome. I was petrified about it – two panic attacks and a reluctant “I DON’T WANT TO GET OUT OF BED” this morning. But, once I was actually in London and with my friends and trying to get into my gown, I felt magical. My dad bought me a new book as a gift.

Anyway, as amazing as the ceremony was, it was long. The whole school of Engineering graduated at the same time, and there are a lot of people at Imperial College in each of the three schools (the other two are Science and Medical). I had a good heads up on this – I’ve known people in the last three years of ceremonies, and I managed to find a handbag that would fit my Color Affectionin it. So, I sat and knitted while I was waiting.

Making good progress.
Making good progress.

This wasn’t as rude as it sounded – we weren’t supposed to clap for people, so we didn’t unless there were prize-winners. It gave me a lot of knitting time – I got four rows done (I’m at a stage where each row takes at least 15 minutes) so that was really good. I must be the only person who has ever knitted during graduation – my parents even took several photos of it! Have any of you done it?

We are running to catch a train in a minute, so I’d better head off!

Much love,

Corrie xx

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  1. Sarah Jones says:

    WOW! Go you! I know what an amazing achievement it is for you and it just so wonderful. You are an inspiration! X

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