I started setting myself Monthly Resolutions in March 2013 and found it incredibly useful when it came to motivating myself to finish up slow projects, get through some stash and just generally set myself some goals to make my crafting more successful than it already was.

The main reason for the initial kick was that a horrible, horrible month of pulled teeth, tonsilitis, broken into cars and stolen purses meant I was feeling really low, and having recently been to Unravel, I was feeling fairly inspired to start spinning again. Until this point, I had had a really long break from spinning, and I wanted to try ensure that I was not going to stop when I started feeling demotivated again.

The resultant yarn, a few regular posts on Ravelry and eventually the Monthly Resolutions group, and we were off! The Monthly Resolutions are now stuck to by a number of awesome people, we chat about life, we post our accomplishments and we also try keep each other motivated.

Resolution Yarn, a happy finished project.
Resolution Yarn, a happy finished project.

We’ve been running since. The main focus of the group is around keeping to roughly a monthly cycle where we set ourselves goals and report back on how we are doing. Of course it doesn’t work quite like that – sometimes people set twenty goals that they work on for a couple months, sometimes people like me set one goal and get about fifty things done. [Some slight exaggeration possible.]

I’m truly passionate about what this group is doing. We have helped many people be more productive, and I have noticed a definite increase in the quality and quantity of my projects, and satisfaction gained from my knitting/crafting/accomplishments such as getting out of bed on a day when I really didn’t want to for health reasons.

I’m now a ‘big project’ person, and am tackling garments aplenty, instead of knitting small toys and accessories as I did for a very long time.

A completed jumper in lace-weight yarn!
A completed jumper in lace-weight yarn!

Come over and say hello – we’re a friendly bunch!

Other members activities beyond Ravelry can be found below:

Demonic Marshmallow by SugarAngel (one of our moderators)
Gracie’s Gowns by LakeLinda
Vlinderrr on Pinterest

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