Digger, Kittylow and yet more camping.

After another busy week, I bring you the sum total of my knitting efforts – Digger has been knitted and stuffed, the kittylow is off the needles but has yet to be sewn together, and I’m off to another wet and windy field!

I am once again tutoring for Shooting Roots – we will be making puppets and I’m quite excited about the whole thing. I had loads of material scraps I was going to take along, but I forgot to pack them/couldn’t fit a mouse in my car once I was done packing! Such is life…anyway, I will be back on Tuesday, so you’ll have a WIP Wednesday post next week and silence until then.

If you miss me *so* much that you can’t bear the silence, I do have some things in the pipeline for the Plutonium Muffins Facebook page, so head on over here to check it out.


I ordered some eyes for Digger from Vietnam. I used Etsy and I’m not so impressed with the customer service thing of the actual site. I didn’t get any notification as to whether or not they had been shipped, and after a week and a half of wondering where they were I got my act together and checked – well, they had been shipped, but weren’t going to arrive for another two weeks. Heeeeere's Digger!

I would have just gone into a shop in London if I’d known – the only reason I ordered them online was because I wanted to get Digger finished before I went to Towersey! Anyway, he’s as far gone as I can get him – here’s a hilarious exploded view of body-parts.

Digger without a head for interest's sake.


Despite not being able to get much work done on the kitty pillow for most of the last week, my grans and I had three days of hanging out before I left Devon for good, and most of that was either spent unpicking one of Wonder-Gran’s knitting projects (just don’t ask) or knitting on the pillow. Wonder-Mum and I then had a work/TV/wine session on my last night and I ended up with a few more ends to sew in, the seaming to do and stuffing the dear thing.

Kittylow, nearly finished.

I’m looking forward to having it on my bed!

That’s all from me for now – a rather belated WIP Wednesday post as I was on the road all day yesterday, ferrying a car-load of camping equipment, Super-Granny and my knitting across the country! From September things will calm down – just a new job to look forward to…

Much love,

Corrie xx

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