Podcast Episode 8: Udzimuriri

The long awaited eighth episode of the Plutonium Muffins podcast is full of my joy at being back behind the microphone, and includes discussion about Christmas presents, New Year’s Resolutions, a plethora of socks, a giveaway, some cat noises….enjoy!

Episode 8: Udzimuriri


“moderation” in Shona

Section 1: Knitting

In the Oven

The Cooling Rack

Gourmet Knitting

  • “Knitted Socks: Over 25 Designs for Fab Feet and Cozy Toes for the Whole Family” by Anna Tilmann. Giveaway extended to 16th January, enter here.
  • This edition: on Amazon here.
  • A newer edition is also available.
Gran wearing her Capucine.
Gran wearing her Capucine.
Solomon's Temple on my feet!
Solomon’s Temple on my feet!
Some of my December knitting.
Some of my December knitting.
Completed Cadeautje!
Completed Cadeautje!

Section 2: Spinning


Section 3: Resolutions

Welcome to the Resolutions Monthly Group: SherbertLemons, Anji, Sharmayne, Shuddupandknit, JV3, HelenJ, cmart1223, hpfchamber, babsaknitr, Knitbyaweaver, knitknucklehead, Nadine6720, racemuis, Ringquelle, TheWarpedMind, kaffeinadikt

My 2015 Resolutions

  • Go cold sheep. No new yarn, fleece OR patterns. Caveat: I’m allowed souvenir yarn if we go somewhere nice.
  • Plan projects in a timely fashion.
  • Continue running – I am doing the Great North Run on the 13th of September
  • Use my Filofax more effectively this year!
  • Make profit on my crafting business – Skinny Lizzy on Etsy

Member’s Resolutions

I am changing the way I do things – instead of featuring a member every month, I am going to highlight a few things from the achievements thread instead.

  • LakeLinda is the sponsor of the Knit-for-Yourself-Along and she knitted Cinnabar as a result of getting the pattern in the previous KAL
  • kelv finished her fisherman afghan
  • carrotandstick completed her nanowrimo novel
  • sungardener completed a beautiful hat
Cinnabar on Linda.
Cinnabar on Linda.
The Frosty Temple Cats Hat
The Frosty Temple Cats Hat
kelv's amazing Fisherman Afghan
kelv’s amazing Fisherman Afghan


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