Episode Seven: Kiti

In Episode Seven of the Plutonium Muffins podcast I introduce you to the newest member of the family (it may be temporary!), teach you about the difference between woollen and worsted spinning, and discuss the Ouessant sheep. There’s a small update on resolutions, and an announcement about my latest crafting venture.

Episode Seven: Kiti


“kitten” in Shona

New podcast schedule announced: expect an episode every first and third Monday of the month.

Kiti! Isn't she cute?
Kiti! Isn’t she cute?

Section One: Knitting

In the Oven

Future Recipes

Section Two: Spinning


Kneading the Dough

Section Three: Resolutions

  • Welcome to Resolutions Monthly: Cindy G2, sockjeannieous, dacquilter, jameswife2003, JennieS64, mom21, angelellens, Jeannette
  • Valenstar on Ravelry

Section Four: Crafty Roots

Breeds of Sheep: Ouessant


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