FO Friday – Apple Laptop Case

I thought I’d do an FO Friday for this laptop case, even though it’s already featured several times in a few posts of late! The Apple Laptop Case was made for JS, my Apple fan-boy knight in shining armour. I asked him what he wanted for Christmas, and about three days before I left for Zambia, he finally thought of what he wanted, and ordered it!

Apple Laptop Case

The mistake rib stitch is one that I learned from the Classic Hat that I made for Sara, a lady in JS‘ band, Suntrap. The hat was knit in Paton’s Wool-Blend Aran in the Charcoal colourway, and my gorgeous man was the model for the initial photoshoot. He obviously took a liking to it, because when we went to Hobbycraft to pick up some yarn for the laptop case, he chose the exact same one.

I was in the rhythm of the mistake rib stitch by this point. It’s slightly counter-intuitive pattern made me rather happy, so I decided to just cast on a random number of stitches and go. By this point, I was in Zambia, and had to guess rather a lot of variables to get it to fit the MacBook that it was going to be keeping warm.

JS Laptop Case in situ - zipper closure.
JS Laptop Case in situ – zipper closure.

When I got back from Zambia (by this point I had given JS a voucher to get a professional massage for Crimbo, and decided that the Apple Laptop Case would be his anniversary present instead…it’s his fault for commissioning it so late!) I lined the case with some black fabric and put a zipper in it.

It is ever so slightly too big – I should really have made it a bit less wide, but this was partly intentional because JS puts his iPad in with his laptop regularly and I wanted it to have enough space. You live and learn – he uses it a lot, and I am extremely pleased with it, and the pattern that came out of it!

The side of the Classic Hat.
The side of the Classic Hat. Gorgeous man :)

This case was, of course, the inspiration behind the Customisable Gadget Case Pattern, and hopefully this will keep me busy for a while yet!

Have you ever made a case or cosy for any of your gadgets?

Much love,

Corrie xx

FO Friday with Tami's Amis
FO Friday with Tami’s Amis
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5 Responses to FO Friday – Apple Laptop Case

  1. That laptop sleeve looks great! And your man ( i assume it is) is very cute :)
    I’ve only come so far as to make a phone case while learning tunisian crochet, but a need both a sleeve for my laptop and my Ipad.

  2. Gavin is impossible to knit for … he explains exactly what he wants, he picks the pattern, he picks the yarn and then he puts the knitted object aside saying it “too nice” to use! GRRR! I don’t waste my time now.

    The Apple case looks fab – the logo is really clear!

  3. He certainly looks pretty pleased with it too!

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