FO Friday – Pixie Coat & June Resolutions

This is by no stretch of the imagination a knitted article – in fact, it’s a pixie coat that I sewed on my new over-locker (serger for those who don’t know what an over-locker is). I have talked about Katwise in the past, and I finally got around to making my own coat!

Pixie Coat

Made of 100% wool, the pixie coat (so called because I added pixie points to the skirt and sleeve) is the most fantastic garment I’ve ever worn (if I do say so myself!) I made it out of nine charity shop pure-wool sweaters, which I spent an entire two days shopping for – it turns out that the number of wool sweaters sold in charity shops these days is not as high as I was hoping.

The pixie coat from the front!

The pixie coat from the back!

The pixie coat is something I’ve wanted to make for myself for ages, and I’ve already received two commissions for it – I’ll definitely be adding this to the line! I’m so in love with it, it makes me feel so fantastic when I wear it. I have always had a bit of a thing about fairies and mythical things, and this definitely makes me feel like a fairy princess queen fabulous creature. You can expect to see many photos of me wearing this in the future!

The pixie coats GIGANTOR hood doubles as a fab scarf!

Corrie wearing the pixie coat.

May and June Resolutions

It’s the end of May, and I’m pleased to say that I finished all of my resolutions, apart from weaving in the ends on a pair of socks.

Cadence socks on Wonder-Mum. The first sock completed.

It’s been a really tough month for me, and my June resolution is going to be very simple:

  • Knit something I love

I do have a few things on the go – I’m going to be attending a professional finishing workshop and I have a couple of presents to make, but I’m going to leave myself the option of buying them if I can’t find the energy to make something!

Do you have any resolutions?

Much love,

Corrie xx

FO Friday with Tami's Amis

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8 Responses to FO Friday – Pixie Coat & June Resolutions

  1. Intriguing concept, so fun and whimsical. Bet you get compliments every time you wear it!

  2. LOVE love love your pixie coat. I, too, am a huge Katwise fan and I’m currently collecting sweaters to make one of my own…once I get a serger. Seriously praying to the yardsale gods here! LOL.
    Adore those socks!

  3. Ginny says:

    The pixie coat is rather fab. Love it.

  4. Regula says:

    So you are a friend of katwise too. Your coat looks great! I’ve made sweaters and cardigans. I got up extra early to crochet something I love. Happy knitting in June. Regula

  5. Joanna says:

    The nerd in me immediately imagines your fabulous coat in Dr. Who scarf colors! I think my only resolution for the next month is to make it less stressful than this one…

  6. wonderwhygal says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Pixie Coat! It is absolutely fabulous! Yes, I’ve noticed the wool sweaters are harder to find too. Your socks are super sassy!

    Resolutions? Nerd Wars Tournament 8 started today so I need to get my next set of socks started.

  7. It looks superb! I love the long hood/scarf. You rock!

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