FO Friday – Stripy Socks

The stripy socks are finished! That’s right folks, completely, 100% done. I finished them on Saturday on my way to Unravel, which made it just over two weeks to knit the whole pair. Good work, Corrie! I even wore them to work on Wednesday.

The second sock came out much better than the first – I actually managed to count properly and the heel shaping was…well, not quite perfect, but you know. They fit me well, they are comfortable, and most of all they are the brightest and most awesome socks I’ve ever owned!

Stripy socks in all their glory.
Stripy socks in all their glory.

I am well and truly addicted. The only thing that stopped me from immediately casting on another was the never-ending knit of Draco Malfoy (which has spawned a fairly large discussion on Ravelry).

Much love,

Corrie xx

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