Friday Inspirations — Kiva Ford

Plutonium Muffins (copyright Corrie B)

One of Kiva Ford's recent creations (Copyright Kiva Ford) I’ve mentioned before that I studied engineering — more specifically, Materials Science and Engineering, a subject which basically examines the science of ‘stuff’, combining chemistry, maths, physics, biology, engineering, and microstructure. I don’t expect anyone to really care, but it explains why I find this guy so inspirational.

The thing that made me study this topic in particular was a photo on the front of a chemistry text-book I had when I was doing my GCSE’s. It showed a drip of molten glass. That’s all.

Glass is one of those things that absolutely fascinates me. I think I would love to have a chance at glass-blowing, and I would also love to make knitting a part of my job (knitting in this instance being my main hobby). Kiva Ford has managed to do both — and he’s involved in science! Win!

That’s all for now! Deadlines (roughly) over this time next week, so hopefully I’ll be back to long(er) posts. I get to unveil something incredibly cool on Tuesday, when it is JS’ sisters birthday (I’m going to call her Turtle from now on). The best thing I’ve ever made, I think. Look forward to it!

Much love,

Corrie xx

Plutonium Muffins (copyright Corrie B)

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