Friday Inspirations — Sam Zygmuntowicz

Sam Zygmuntowicz working on a violin
Sam Zygmuntowicz working on a violin

This week has been very musical for us. Last Sunday, JS and I went to a session in Camberwell — basically just a group of musicians sitting around in a pub playing traditional folk music. I’ve even been generous and included a video of a group of us playing in a session in Beauly, Scotland last October at the bottom of this post.

On Wednesday I published the WIPW tiny tiny violin, on our new wall display which I put up last week. JS and I decided we needed one to make us practice more — he is playing Vivaldi’s “Winter” in a concert in a few months time and needs to do more practice..!

Instruments made for a quartet
Instruments made for a quartet

In keeping with this theme, today’s Friday Inspirations is Sam Zygmuntowicz, a New-York based violin maker. It’s a short clip (4 minutes), and doesn’t go into the detail of how a violin is made, regrettably; but it’s a nice length for a tea-break, and I love the one quote.

Once it’s done, it’s totally in action; it’s a dynamic object that’s used by musicians actively.

This is just one video — there are loads of others if you search them out!

Samuel Zygmuntowicz
Samuel Zygmuntowicz

I think the reason I find him so inspirational is because even though New York is so expensive, and not the normal haunt for instrument makers (or luthiers), he stays there anyway. He isn’t just making an instrument, passing it on and it’s done, which I find really refreshing.

I always wonder what has happened to various objects that I give away; do you have any idea what happens to yours? I know a couple of mine — for example, Frank and Evil Bunny are currently being kept as little mascots on desks, which is a nice feeling!

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Much love,

Corrie xx

Here is the video of us playing folk in Beauly. Enjoy.

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