Friday Inspirations — Steff Bomb

Steff Bomb's plush carrot (Copyright Steff Bomb)
Steff Bomb’s plush carrot (Copyright Steff Bomb)

Steff Bomb was the featured seller on Etsy in October 2010. I came across her when I was involved in a huge trawl through Vimeo watching delightful videos. This is just a sped-up video of her sewing up a plush toy. I love it though, this was exactly was I was looking for this week.

I love the toy she produces. He’s incredibly cute! Enjoy.

This is how I make a carrot! from Craig Shimala on Vimeo.

Why this video in particular, though?

A WIP basket, filled to the brim with things to work on (Copyright Corrie B)
A WIP basket, filled to the brim with things to work on (Copyright Corrie B)

This week, I’ve been concentrating on my WIP baskets (of which I have many) and trying to finish up all the projects that have been hanging on for ages. This is all in aid of the new leaf that JS and I turned over last weekend. I was analysing why I had so many nearly-there projects hanging around, and I realised it’s because I hate the process of finishing something. This is crazy – half the fun is a new, fresh product; but I’m such a perfectionist, that this really gets in my way sometimes.

I made a load of tiny bunnies and guinea pigs for a friend, Les, in October — but when I sewed on the hair-ties that was part of them, I decided I hated them, and they were shelved.

Cute or evil little bunny? (Copyright John S)
Cute or evil little bunny? (Copyright John S)

I started over on that project last weekend (did you miss the ‘cute or evil’ discussion?) and in the process of digging out all the hair-ties I had bought, unearthed the original bunnies/guinea piggies. I decided to send them to Les anyway — they would only sit in my baskets annoying me otherwise — and I unpicked a lot of the work I had done previously, and redid some of the sewing.

I also added eyes, which was one of the things that pissed me off so much in the first place.

Bunny and Guinea Pig bobbles (Copyright Corrie B)
Bunny and Guinea Pig bobbles (Copyright Corrie B)

I am starting to feel the love for these little ‘bobble’ bunnies again — now that they are finished in a way that makes the perfectionist side of me feel satisfied, I don’t mind them so much.

It was an interesting insight into the way that I work, that I hadn’t realised before.

Anyway, more on them another time — for now, enjoy Friday, and maybe see you over the weekend!

Much love,

Corrie xx

PS I know I said I was going to be posting less in the future. Blogging, like knitting, is somewhat addictive. Hope you don’t mind!

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