Friday Roundup: Shoes & Slap

Big news guys…it’s Friday! I’m not going to talk about the BIG news in the UK this morning, because this is not a politics blog…and I have tons to talk about this week, so without further ado, here’s the Friday Roundup.

Just a quick reminder, I published Episode 14 of the Plutonium Muffins podcast this week. You can listen to it here, or grab it in your favourite podcatcher. There’s a subscribe button so you never miss an episode too!

Finished Shawl!

I finished Naloa! I am so, so pleased with it. I modified the chart and extended the pattern by something like three seven repeats of the pattern rows – I was playing serious yarn chicken by the end of it, and had only 3 g of my yarn left by the time I cast off…

I have yet to take nice photos of it, although here is a teaser shot from last night. I will work on that this weekend, and dish the details next week.

Naloa keeping me warm on election night.
Naloa keeping me warm on election night.

Taking Myself Seriously

I had a great piece of advice from someone a few weeks ago – they reminded me that if I wanted other people to take me seriously, then I should take myself seriously. What this means, in practice, is that if I am to be self-employed and making My Own Way, I need to feel like that is a serious thing.

Over the last few months, I’ve been a terrible slob, wearing pyjamas most of the day and only dressing up (badly) if I need to go out, never wearing make-up, nail polish, or generally just taking care of myself. I’ve realised that if I’m not going to be going out to work everyday, I need to make myself feel like I’m at work – so I’ve given my cosmetics collection an overhaul, and am trying to take myself more seriously. This includes ensuring the housework is all taken care of and that I have a clear workspace.

Heading out with a new serious resolution...and panicking about having too much slap on!
Heading out with a new serious resolution…and panicking about having too much slap on!

It has been seriously motivating.


While we are on the make-up, cosmetics, lifestyle type of thing, I’ve recently gotten addicted to the Zoella channel on YouTube. Zoë Sugg is a YouTuber, which basically means she makes her money by doing videos on YouTube! She concentrates on beauty, lifestyle and so forth, and I have no idea how I found her, but I do know that for the last few days I’ve had her videos playing all the time while I’ve been copywriting.

It’s so totally not something I am typically interested, but I’m trying to be a more rounded person, and I am secretly (or not so much) loving the influence of Zoella on my ability to pay more attention to my cosmetic regime.

Decorated Shoes

The laces for my hacked Converses finally arrived, so they are finished and I can wear them around the town! The tutorial for making your own pair of these is here.

My Converse are laced! I couldn't take a photo of both of them because the light was bad. Maybe later!
My Converse are laced! I couldn’t take a photo of both of them because the light was bad. Maybe later!
The completed shoes with laces.
The completed shoes with laces.

I went out with a friend, and she bought some plain shoes to decorate. She finished them really quickly – aren’t these amazing? She just did this with Sharpies!

Janet's Beautiful shoes.
Janet’s Beautiful shoes.

Friday Chores

This blog post comes slightly later than usual because I had a load of chores I had to finish. We have a duvet that has needed washing for a long time, and jackets that have needed to go to the drycleaners. I’ve accomplished both of these this morning, and the rest of the day is mine to work with as I choose. It feels good.

Bonus – YiTC

I went to the Knit Night with Yarn in the City on Wednesday! Here’s Alli’s photo of us using her famous, amazing selfie stick.

Hanging out in the pub with YiTC! Click the photo for details of the Knit Night happening in Clapham Junction on Wednesday nights.
Hanging out in the pub with YiTC! Click the photo for details of the Knit Night happening in Clapham Junction on Wednesday nights.

This feels like a slightly fragmented post, but there we go. I stayed up very late knitting and watching the election results, and my brain is a little fuzzy!

Have a great weekend, and check out more Friday posts at the below links.

Much love,

Corrie xx


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6 Responses to Friday Roundup: Shoes & Slap

  1. A great set of five things. LOVE the shoes and the beautiful shawl.

  2. Love the beautiful shawl and the converse, they are a real delight.

  3. Beth says:

    I was self employed for about 12 years and learned early on that how much I got accomplished was in direct correlation to how I saw myself. I felt better about myself when I dressed and put on makeup as if I were going into work, though I’ll admit my dress code was relaxed, usually jeans with a nice top. You look lovely, btw, just like your projects!

  4. Well that is a great Friday roundup!!! You have been very busy. Your makeup looks lovely – but I am sure that you are lovely anyway!! xx

  5. Fab shoes. I did a pair of old nubuck DMs for my daughter with Sharpies. Six months on they are a bit faded but still look wonderful.

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