Gigantic Blankie…

Following my adventures at Unravel and seeing the amazing work of Ingrid Wagner Rug & Art Designs, I was inspired to start working on the Gigantic Blankie again. I have been sitting in my room in the evenings working away while I wait for a response on an error in another project…I know I should be working on my February Resolutions, but the RSI put paid to me achieving those, so I feel a bit like I’m free!

Resolutions can be a bit restricting, it turns out??

Gigantic Blankie

This project has been languishing in my WIP Basket for ages, and it has been so much fun picking it up again! I’m now using my magic ball to knit one of the strands, and a variety of other remnants to finish. I have eight strands going on 15 mm circular needles so the weight doesn’t stay on my wrists (the original post with all the information is here).

Gigantic Blankie the last time you saw it...
Gigantic Blankie the last time you saw it…

I have been finding this project really addictive. It feels really good to be finishing up all of my remnants and balls of yarn I don’t want – there is almost a compulsion to keep going until one ball is finished…oh no wait, just one more…oh no, one more… There is such a good mix of good quality and rubbish yarn in there. The blanket is honestly one of the softest things I have ever made, and I think it will be rather durable too.

I’m not really paying much attention to the colour combinations, and rather just plunging my hand into my basket of available yarns and pulling out the first thing I grab. I can’t wait to finish and have some time to just analyse the colours and have a look at sections that I really like. It might be a fantastic way for me to find colour combos that I have never considered before…

Gigantic Blankie as it is now - more than double the length.
Gigantic Blankie as it is now – more than double the length.

This project is very big and heavy, so completely not portable – but working well with my taming attempts for Pippin, as I can just sit on the bed and wait for Pippin to decide when it is time to play, instead of rushing him because I’m impatient.

That said, I cast on something like 40 stitches (I can’t remember exactly) and it’s too thin. It is just over one person wide – if it was even 20 stitches thicker it would be perfect. I think the solution is to get this to a length that I like, and cast off. Then, I will start a second and sew them together. I suspect this will make it slightly too big for one person and slightly too small for two…so I will probably make a third, sew it all up and end with a fat rectangle that will be just perfect.

It’s an ambitious project – I think the finished blanket will weigh a good few kilograms. Luckily, I have plenty of yarn and plenty of time (I am only 20-something!)…I can’t wait to see the finished object!

Much love,

Corrie xx

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3 Responses to Gigantic Blankie…

  1. Evelyn says:

    It looks wonderful! What about picking up stitches all around the edge and doing a border?

  2. Donna says:

    That blanket is amazing! I would love to knitting with that on my lap on these cold winter evening.s

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