July Resolutions – taking it easy

Is it really time for July Resolutions already?! I cannot believe we are in July. Like, really can’t believe it.

I had a tough month in June – the arrival of Piccadilly threw everything out of kilter, because she took absolute hours to feed every day. She has now learned to feed herself, and I’m really looking forward to her learning to fly. She will be ready to fly and go live the life of a bird within the next few weeks.

My beautiful Piccadilly.
My beautiful Piccadilly.

As a result of having had a tough month, with more relatively tough times ahead (we are moving house again), I’ve kept my resolutions fairly low-effort.

Here’s the monthly plug for our awesome group on Ravelry! Resolutions Monthly is super supportive, and helps prevent projects from stagnating – incredibly helpful if, for whatever reason, you find yourself needing a bit of focus and chatter!

July Resolutions

I am really excited about these, I love the patterns I’m going to be working on, and the spinning will prepare me for an advanced spinning lesson that I have in September. I have been spinning in the background, but haven’t been talking about it.

So, the resolutions:

1. Work on Icon Dress. This is a bit vague deliberately – I cast on in June and managed three whole rows…so I think it’s going to take a long time and I don’t want to be overambitious in my goal setting.

Purl Alpaca Designs Icon Dress
Purl Alpaca Designs Icon Dress
The second gauge swatch, nearly completed.
The second gauge swatch, nearly completed.

2. Do some spinning. This is less vague – I have one length of light blue roving that has a partner of dark blue roving that I have already spun and plied. I want to at least complete the light blue so that I can knit a hat from the two – but I also have more roving in my trunk, so I could break into that if I finish the light blue. I need to do a lot, at least! I want to try practising doing some thicker and some thinner.

3. Cast on Zigzag Jumper. I went to Waitrose this morning to buy some juice as I had forgotten my shake for the diet at home, and I saw “Simply Knitting” on the news stand. I was immediately drawn to it by the Alan Dart pattern on the front cover (a llama wearing a poncho!!!!) and decided I haven’t had a mag for ages, and I should get it.

Zigzag Jumper - meant for teenagers, but I don't play by the rules.
Zigzag Jumper – meant for teenagers, but I don’t play by the rules.

I found the Zigzag Jumper pattern and fell in love with it – they have an offer on for a certain percentage off when you buy the yarn through LoveKnitting, so I bought it! The colours I will use will be white, pink and green, and I’m so excited to receive the yarn and start.

So, there we have it! I’m being quite ambitious anyway, and I will almost certainly cast on something smaller (probably legwarmers) so that I have a transport project, but I’m not going to put that into my resolutions.

Much love,

Corrie xx

PS I know I haven’t updated you on June Resolutions – I’m going to do that on Friday for FO Friday because I was very accomplished in June! Hehe.

PPS It has been confirmed that my knitting machine has been broken beyond repair in a stupid accident. I’m going to have to save up to get another one, because there are no spare funds at the moment!

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