Knit or knitted?

JS keeps getting a bit annoyed because in some of these posts I have used the word “knit” in past tense, rather than “knitted”. Now, I’m not sure who is right. As an example, an extract from the blog on striped gloves:

“And so it was that the first three things that I knit ‘for reals’ were gloves.”

I know in terms of the Queen’s English, I’m probably wrong. The edited sentence would be:

“And so it was that the first three things that I knitted ‘for reals’ were gloves.”

There is just something intrinsically wrong with typing that sentence, or so it feels. I was wondering what my dear knitting readers think? (Or, you can jump in with your English opinion even if you aren’t a knitter!) Leave a comment please!

I haven’t got a relevant photo for this post, so instead I will share a picture of my new hair, short as of Sunday. I am absolutely loving it – first time I’ve had short hair for years and years, and feels so refreshing. I have a cold head though…on to designing more hats!

I have SO LITTLE HAIR! (Copyright Corrie B)

Much love,

Corrie xx

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4 Responses to Knit or knitted?

  1. I struggle with this, too, and get teased about using the word “crafting”.

  2. Corrie says:

    I was perfectly happy with it until he started teasing me about it!

  3. Christina says:

    Hmm, English is not my native language, but I always felt like “to knit” had to be one of the irregular verbs (knit – knit – knit like cut – cut -cut). But as I couldn’t find it in any lists, I figured it must be regular…(or is just no one bothering?). Still that makes no sense for me with standing phrases like “a close knit society”, or does it??? Would love it to be irregular!

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