One Lovely Blog Award

I was super thrilled to receive a nomination from Nadia over at Abso-knitting-lutely last week for the One Lovely Blog award! Nadia is a pattern designer and also sells the most gorgeous stitch markers on Etsy.

One Lovely Blog Award
One Lovely Blog Award

I have a small thing for stitch markers, and stalk these regularly using Etsy treasuries…she does the most amazing polymer clay creations which are unbelievable. I’ve tried to play with polymer clay in the past and didn’t find it at all easy, so major kudos – go check it out.

Anyway, there are terms to this award which I will follow, because I love sharing the blog love.

One Lovely Blog Award

The aim of the award is basically to share the blogging love! As a blog writer, I take out about an hour a day to read other people’s blogs too, knowing that the engagement and interaction is just as important to authors as the writing itself. This is a great way to go about mentioning some of my favourite blogs.

The guidelines are:

  • thank the person who nominated you, and make sure you link back to their original post
  • share seven facts about yourself
  • nominate ten other bloggers for the award

I’ve already thanked Nadia, but just in case here’s her link again!

I was nominated for a Liebster Award last year and posted 11 random facts about myself then. You can read the post here. My seven new facts are:

  1. I hoard envelopes. I think I have enough old envelopes to send all the letters I need to send for the rest of my life, but still find it hard to get rid of them. I’m learning to recycle paper envelopes – but if anything with bubble wrap comes through the door, that baby is going in a big box and staying there.
  2. I wanted to be a vet until I was 15, and sometimes wish I had done that instead of engineering – but then I remember I might not be where I am today, which is a pretty good place, so it’s par for the course. I still love animals though.
  3. Interchangeable or fixed circular needles – I can’t decide if I love or hate one or the other. I probably have enough of each to satisfy four knitters, but I still keep changing my mind and have had to force myself to make do with what I’ve got instead of buying new all the time.
  4. I love houseplants, but I’m a serial plant murderer. The only things I manage to keep alive are succulents which don’t need much watering. I keep spindles in vases instead of flowers because they are harder to kill.
  5. My stash is kept in a huge trunk that belonged to someone in the RAF during WWII. It has “Fragile: glass” written all over it. I love imagining the adventures that the pilot went on, and will never paint over the lettering on the top, which is chipped and stained, but still legible.
  6. There’s a magic ball that is larger than my head sitting in our lounge and waiting for me to knit something delicious with it. It’ll probably be another cat blanket. I save any scraps of yarn that are long enough to tie together to put into it – my limit is about 2 cm short, in which case they are saved to stuff soft toys with.
  7. My typing speed averages about 110wpm. I can beat all of John’s developer friends (people who are on computers almost all their waking hours) in a game of type racing by nearly 20wpm. This is all thanks to Mavis Beacon – some of my earliest memories involve learning to touch-type.

    A giant Magic Ball at home, waiting for the magic to happen.
    A giant Magic Ball at home, waiting for the magic to happen.

My nominees for the award are:

  1. Crochet Addict – a great place for link parties on Wednesday’s and Friday’s.
  2. Love Made My Home – another good place for link parties, but also great photography and lovely writing.
  3. Man Man Knitting – Gregory Patrick, someone who probably doesn’t need this nomination but who I think is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever read about.
  4. The Soaring Sheep – Evelyn, who I love to share hamster chat with on Twitter and has the sweetest little girl.
  5. Cathie’s Craftworks – the most ambitious – and talented – cross-stitch hobbyist I’ve ever come across.
  6. Vittoria Segreta – my friend Victoria, and her amazing adventures in the world of making.
  7. Babajezas Wundertüte – Regula, someone I’ve been following for almost as long as Plutonium Muffins has been going.
  8. Rose’s Crafts – a blog by Richard Rose, who gets up to some fab crochet things.
  9. Great Balls of Wool – a fab charity knitter who makes the cutest teddy bears.
  10. Treasure’s Made from Yarn – it does what it says on the can! A finished object almost every week.

I hope you get a chance to visit some of these lovely blogs, and that I’ve shown you to some new friends.

Much love,

Corrie xx

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10 Responses to One Lovely Blog Award

  1. I totally relate to fact number 4! I think every home should have plants, but I have restricted myself to just one due to lack of space and, most of all, a lack of green thumbs. I am trying to keep my only plant alive (it’s looking a little worse for wear). Like you, I keep my spindles in a vase.

    I’ll have to check out your nominees soon. I can always do with more blogs to follow. Thank you for your kind words about my work!

    • Corrie Berry says:

      No worries, thanks for the nomination! I have two orchid plants, but the last time they flowered was about a year ago…I feed them all the relevant orchid food and stuff, I think they just know.

  2. Evelyn says:

    aw thank you for linking to my blog :) I guess I’ll have to have a think about who to suggest myself!

  3. Regula says:

    Thank you for mentioning my blog. :-) I’ve just came home from holidays, and I am a bit behind visiting blogs. Regula

  4. Thank you for the nomination, very kind of you. Good to read some more about you too. I don’t know how fast I type, but it is pretty darn fast and I freak some people out when I touch type fast!! xx

  5. Richard Rose says:

    Thanks for the award nomination. It may take me a while to pass this on as I’m never sure what to tell about myself or who to pass it on to.

  6. CathieJ says:

    Thanks you so much for the award nomination. I am almost ready to keep it going. I greatly appreciate it. Cathie

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