Episode One: Mangwanani

It has finally arrived: the first episode of the Plutonium Muffins Podcast! I have wanted to do a podcast since I first left university (over three years, before the origin of this blog even) but never had the courage to do it.

Episode One: Mangwanani



‘good morning’ in Shona

Everything gets started with a little introduction to me – and an explanation behind my funny accent. I have realised I also get the words “knitting” and “spinning” confused. I hope this doesn’t cause too many problems!

Section One: Knitting

A quick discussion on why I’m trying to knit garments this year – the Towersey Shawl is the one that I reluctantly (but very lovingly) gave to my gran for Christmas.

Works in Progress

Previous Projects


  • Learn to knit with the Garter Stitch Headband on Ravelry (free beginner knitting pattern ‘designed’ by me).

Bonus YouTube video at the bottom of this post if you want to give knitting a go – and starter kits available at East London Knit‘s Etsy shop.

Section Two: Spinning

Introduction to my spinning

More Corrie history, including five fleeces and why one should never ask Twitter for help if you think you probably shouldn’t do it.

All the yarn I’ve ever spun

Section Three: Resolutions Monthly

An introduction to the idea behind the Monthly Resolutions and a lot of chatter about how it helps me with my crafting.

Section Four: Crafty Roots

I’m running out of steam by this point, so there isn’t much content but a bit of chatter – and a book recommendation!

Check out and buy the book using this link and I get some commission to go towards hosting fees…(which as it turns out are rather steep if you can’t cut your podcast to less than an hour no matter how long you spend trying!)

Sub-section: Molly the Naughty Hamster

A little anecdote on what Molly got up to while John and I were away

  • Molly the Hamster’s blog


Thank you for listening! I hope you had fun and enjoyed it – importantly, I hope you can understand me.

The podcasting community:

  • Knit British – podcast by Louise, with a focus on knitting with British Wool.
  • Caithness Craft Collective – conducting swaps, reviewing events, knitting by Louise.
  • iMake – general craft loveliness from podcaster Martine.
  • Shiny Bees – Jo, a Brit-South African-Brit podcasting about knitting and sewing, among many other things!

Contact me!

My spinning efforts, chronological from left to right.
My spinning efforts, chronological from left to right.
The Zigzag Jumper about half done on the front.
The Zigzag Jumper about half done on the front.
Progress on the front skirt of the Icon Dress
Progress on the front skirt of the Icon Dress
My spinning wheel and my roving ready to go.
My spinning wheel and my roving ready to go.
Garland with arms out.
The Blanket Fort - where this was recorded!
The Blanket Fort – where this was recorded!

Learn to knit on YouTube

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6 Responses to Episode One: Mangwanani

  1. jane says:

    Hey, enjoyed listening to the first episode! Hope you keep on!

  2. Congratulations on completing your first podcast. It was the first one I ever listened to. I enjoyed spinning and listening… this may need to become a habit. ;-)

    I especially enjoyed the story about how you acquired your wheel and 5 fleeces. ;-)

    I do not think you have a funny accent… but then, I’ve worked with several folks from South Africa and one from Zimbabwe over the years. ;-)

    • Corrie Berry says:

      Thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoyed it – the next episode will be out in a few weeks, not sure exactly when yet as I have a full schedule, but you’ll hear about it here first! :)

  3. wonderwhygal says:

    How exciting! I am limited on my wifi since we live in the country and have to pay for the gigs we use. Once I can listen to your podcast, I will.

  4. Great episode! Love your upbeat personality, your honesty and your candor. Keep up the great work and I look forward to listening to your next two episodes.

  5. Just found your podcast through Louise at Knit British. I’m a knitter with a but of basic crochet thrown in for good measure. I found your spinning sections really interesting. A great first podcast and I’m now following you in Blog lovin so I won’t miss any more!

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