Episode Two: Gachira

Welcome to the second episode of the Plutonium Muffins Podcast. I talk about what I’m knitting, my finished projects, some resolutions chatter as well as a brief history of sheep. I hope you enjoy it!

Episode One can be found here.

Episode Two: Gachira



‘welcome’ in Shona

There are a few things to clear up from the previous episode:

  1. Mangwanani means “Good Morning” in Shona
  2. I use the words ‘spinning’ and ‘knitting’ interchangeably – I hope that is not too much trouble for you to understand, I don’t think I did it too much this episode.
  3. John is my boyfriend, not some random stranger!
  4. I wrongly said Sophie who works in Loop, London had knitted a Garland – it was actually Sonia!

Section One: Knitting

In the Oven

  • Icon Dress by Purl Alpaca Designs
  • My Favourite Things by Jill McGee [incorrectly pronounced in the episode]
  • Knitalong with iMake – info here
  • iMake Ravelry group with amazing projects here

The Cooling Rack

Future Recipes

Wooden Spoons and So On

The Kitchen Cupboard

Section Two: Spinning

Raw Ingredients

  • No work done on Splash!

On the Net

Section Three: Resolutions Monthly

Section Four: Crafty Roots

A Good Yarn

  • Loop in London – Knit Night on Thursdays from 5:30 to 7:30 pm

A Brief History of Sheep


Thank you for listening! I hope you had fun and enjoyed it – importantly, I hope you can understand me.

Welcome to the Resolutions Monthly Ravelry Group:

NewfieCatt, Meelou, Iaanah, Tracyc611 and PhoenixPurls

Welcome to the Plutonium Muffins Ravelry Group, Stumpy01

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My Favourite Things logo

The Zigzag Jumper from the front!
The Zigzag Jumper from the front!
Gigantic Blankie in all its glory.
Gigantic Blankie in all its glory.


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