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It’s time for my long overdue review of The Knitter’s Bible by Claire Crompton. I hope you are all aware that this is my current giveaway! I was so disorganised that I forgot the book in Devon while I was in London, so I’ve extended the date to the 28th of June. Now, I know that it’s tomorrow, so my deadline is going to be midnight GMT.

The front of the Knitter's Bible.

Just a note while you’re admiring the photos of the lovely pages…the “PlutoniumMuffins.com” stamp is not in the actual book, it’s simply my attempt at protecting my images! The winner will not find this anywhere in the book, so fear not.

I also would like to say that I do not have a copy of the book myself, and I am so, so extremely jealous of whoever is going to win it. I will be buying it when I have enough money.

The Knitter’s Bible

The mini-blurb on the front of the Knitter’s Bible is The complete handbook for creative knitters. Flicking through, you get the smallest glimpse of this. The whole book is colour-coded (with some incredibly gorgeous pastels that make me happy). The sections are:

  • Getting Started
  • Creative Options
  • Exploring Options
  • Stitch Library
  • Projects

Signed copy of the Knitter's Bible.

Getting Started is a fully comprehensive chapter on everything from types of yarn, conversions from UK to other measurements, standard knitting techniques such as casting on, standard stitches and basic increases/decreases. The photos are clear, diagrams are obvious, and text is also focused on in as much details as diagrams, which I find very useful.

Creative Options covers more complicated techniques which a beginner knitter probably won’t be too interested in, but once you have covered the basics you’ll love to go back to this chapter. It includes techniques from lace to circular knitting, cabling to smocking. The example pattern is absolutely gorgeous and I would love to make this. Have a look at the colour!! I also adore the blue drink, I’d love to know where to get one like that.

Beautiful pillow and a fabulous blue drink!

Exploring Choices has got some of the more exciting options for knitting. These include beaded knitting, fulling (or felting), creating garments, and techniques allowing you to get more complex with your knitting, from picking up stitches to creating button holes. You can learn how to create the perfect seam, and how to correct a mistake.

The Stitch Library is fantastic. It includes so many stitches that I almost went into raptures when I opened it. This is the perfect place to try your hand at ‘making stuff up’. A good example of this is the Dimple Stitch, which I have found through this book and would love to use on a pillow. I would do it by simply making two squares the size of my pillow, in this stitch, and voila! My own design and my own fancy schmancy object.

Gorgeous texture stitches.

Finally, the Projects are to die for. They range from toys to throws, to sweaters for adults and children. I’ve seen one of these in real life during my lesson. Absolutely amazing, especially when it is finished properly. It’s incredible!

Beautiful sheep toy.

I hope this has inspired you a bit – make sure you enter now now now, as it’s your last chance!

Much love,

Corrie xx

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