Snapshot of craft hat

Quick post to say that I have finished my bright yellow craft hat! It is going to its recipient tomorrow, so I will post photos of the full thing later – but for now, here’s a teaser! Craft points to anyone who guesses what this is (but not many because I think this is an easy question…)

The Craft Hat...
The Craft Hat…
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7 Responses to Snapshot of craft hat

  1. That is a fierce pompom!

  2. Beth says:

    Wow! That’s one pompom!,

  3. zauberflink says:

    I just looooove pompoms – every size every colour :-)

  4. Vivianne says:

    LOL love it, ”it’s so FLUFFY ! ”

  5. gracey says:

    So much pompom love…

  6. Wow what a pompom, is it attached to a hat? Love the colour and can’t wait to see the full item :-)

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