Space Invader Mitts!

I thought that I ought to write up a blog about the Space Invader Mitts, as I have not mentioned them once, and they are probably the project I liked the most last year! I made these for JS, as I decided he needed a suitably nerdy Christmas gift following the Tetris Scarf.

I was casually flicking through Knit Today, the November 13 issue, trying to find a hat pattern that I could knit with the remnants of yarn from the Tetris Scarf, when it fell open (figuratively speaking…I was working on my iPhone) on page 50. My disbelieving eyes beheld a plethora of patterns for Space Invaders accessories…well, a hot water bottle, mitts and a phone cosy. I was sold.

Knit Today November 2013
Knit Today November 2013

Space Invader Mitts

The pattern uses DK yarn – I went stash-diving and found three balls of merino that I thought would go well, and cast on that very night. It was quite tricky knitting them without JS noticing what I was doing. Luckily, I had plenty of time at knit night and while commuting, and they were done well in time.

I worked from the colour charts and knitted them up in fairisle. I carried the yarn along even when a row had no colourwork so that there would be no dodgy places where it went thick and thin. When I had sewn them up, I was SO pleased that I had done this. They are toasty warm and I love them.

Space Gauntlets from the back
Space Gauntlets from the back
Space Invaders Mitts laid out flat.
Space Invaders Mitts laid out flat.

I did have to do some creative dye-lot matching, as I ran out of red yarn halfway through…cue panic-buying a ‘similar’ red in Loop and striping the reds to hide the join. You can’t (really) see it in these photos, and JS hasn’t noticed…success!

Palm-up Space Invader Mitts.
Palm-up Space Invader Mitts.

RSI update

A bit of improvement on the pain front today – not feeling quite so miserable! Finding it really trying having to type everything left-handed though…nevertheless, another post on coping with RSI coming soon.

Right, that’s it from me – have a wonderful weekend.

Much love,

Corrie xx

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25 Responses to Space Invader Mitts!

  1. Ginny says:

    They are very cool. I think my husband would quite like a pair!

  2. Corrie Berry says:

    JS definitely liked them!

  3. That is a wonderful pair of mitts!

  4. So fun, I hope he loved them … I myself am quite drawn to that hot bottle cozy, thank you for the inspiration

  5. Winnie says:

    Your mitts are just fantastic!! Great save on finding a matching color lot. Hope you have a quick recovery on your RSI. Big projects can put you out of the game for a bit, but while recouping you can peruse through other resources and find another great project. :-)

  6. These are fab mittens – very whimsical and fun :)

  7. Julie says:

    Hi Corrie, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet compliment on my blue knit scarf I made! I love these mitts you made, so pretty! Happy Valentines Day!
    Julie at Julie’s Lifestyle

  8. gracey says:

    Those are pretty awesome….

  9. Andria says:

    Those are SO COOL!!!

  10. Cathy says:

    Oh gosh, I’ve had many wasted hours with space invaders, lol! Cute mitts!

  11. These are wonderful! Hope your RSI continues to improve :)

  12. Space invaders … what memories that brings back. Wonder if there’s any Ms. Pac Man stuff…

  13. I hate to hint at my age, but I was a huge Space Invaders fan when the game first came out! What awesome patterns.

    Take it easy on the hand. I have to say that typing left-handed sounds tortuous!

  14. wonderwhygal says:

    Those mitts are great! Oh, Space Invaders. Now that takes me back.

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