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Cross Stitch Finished Projects

Cross Stitch. I’m majorly into cross stitch again. This trend did not start in Australia, but just before – and it has become a bit of a competitor to knitting! I always find that I tend more to cross stitch … Continue reading

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Friday Round-Up: hapalong, multiple crafts, cats

Time for a Friday update, and I’ll be honest, I’m scraping the barrel a little this week, although I have been playing with a lot of different crafts. We leave for Australia in just over a week (!!) and I … Continue reading

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A cross-stitch WIP

I haven’t been doing a lot of knitting recently, and have instead turned to cross-stitch. I’m still working on my hapalong project, Kelpie by Jared Flood – but I’m not feeling inspired by it, and I’m enjoying a few other … Continue reading

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[Blogjacking] – Free Cross-stitch!

I’ve been straying from knitting since I got the Hobbycraft job (don’t worry, knitting still has a warm and fuzzy place in the centre of my heart). I used to┬álove cross-stitch. The first one I ever did was a Newton’s … Continue reading

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Hobbycraft Sunday

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend* and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. I definitely did — for one thing, the lovely boy and I went to visit my cousins and his parents, and we raided both fridges and pantry cupboards. Our … Continue reading

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