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Lighthouses! Design Inspirations

I’ve been doing a lot of designing recently, and one of my current obsessions is lighthouses. There’s a very specific reason why this has become a thing that I’m interested in, which will all be revealed later – but I … Continue reading

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Above All, Try Something!

One of my favourite quotes, “Above all, try something” was written by Franklin D Roosevelt in a publication called “Looking Forward” in 1933. The full quote is: “The country needs and, unless I mistake its temper, the country demands bold, … Continue reading

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Stashquisition…brought to you by Cascade 220

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned…with a stashquisition of epic proportions. Part of this was necessary, and actually part of my January/February Resolutions…but part of it was just pure frivolity. I’m going to say it’s because my stash is … Continue reading

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May I take a photo?

As a blogger, one of the most important things to me whenever I am doing something that I would like to blog about later is taking a photo. It is great to be able to share things visually – after … Continue reading

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Kristi Zemas – Crafter Profile

Kristi Zemas is a crafter who came to my attention during the ‘Design a Shawl for Stevie Nicks‘ competition that ran in 2014 – she tweeted me a photo of her design, and since then has been sending me pictures of her … Continue reading

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FO Friday – Apple Laptop Case

I thought I’d do an FO Friday for this laptop case, even though it’s already featured several times in a few posts of late! The Apple Laptop Case was made for JS, my Apple fan-boy knight in shining armour. I … Continue reading

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Designer? Me?

I won tickets to go to the Creatives Stitches and Hobbycrafts Show in Manchester on Saturday, courtesy of “Let’s Knit” magazine. I’m very excited to go – I love talking to people about craft, I’m taking my friend MdB, and … Continue reading

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Happy Sunday! A complete gadget case.

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic, productive and restful weekend! One of my test knitters certainly did, with photos of a complete gadget case sent to me and received with delight. I have spent most of the weekend working, … Continue reading

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FO Friday – iPad case!

It’s been a while since I did an FO Friday. Things at Plutonium Muffins HQ have been busy! JS and I have been working on my first pattern basically non-stop. I’ve got ten test-knitters working on it now – one of … Continue reading

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