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FO Friday – Classic Hat and the Dragonfly Jumper

I’ve had a really busy week this week, and managed to produce a myriad of finished objects. Unfortunately, with the Christmas Season coming (those of you who are non-crafters are groaning, I know), I can’t actually show most of them, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Theme – October, Kent

I woke up this morning as a result of JS‘ alarm going off repeatedly and him just IGNORING it! Argh. I stayed in bed for a while reading through some blogs, and the overlying theme of most of them was: “It’s … Continue reading

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Campaign for Wool

I was hoping to finish the Dragonfly Jumper this week, but it is currently sitting upstairs in my room while I get all excited about the Campaign for Wool. I feel like this may be a slightly strange thing for … Continue reading

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Blocking the Dragonfly Jumper

I hope everyone had a fab weekend – mine was filled with dyeing, blocking and travelling. It was fun, and I have loads to write about. I’m going to tackle the blocking first, as this was the least time-consuming part … Continue reading

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New project to come – Towersey Shawl!

I’ve decided I’m going to knit a shawl! This is a long-standing ambition of mine, as shown on my Ravelry page. I said I was going to do a new giveaway today, but I am going to the Weald of Kent craft … Continue reading

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WIPW (10) – Dragonfly Jumper

For the third week in a row, my jumper is my work in progress. Note I’ve renamed it the “Dragon Fly” jumper. This is because I finally found the ball-band for the yarn, which I had for some reason stuffed away … Continue reading

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