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March Resolutions – a recap!

It’s a horrible day in Kent, so while I’m waiting for pages to load (have I ever mentioned that the internet here is absolutely RUBBISH?) I’m knitting hexipuffs. I’ve been on a massive hexispree the last few days. I think … Continue reading

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Ev’ryday I’m hexipuffin’.

I’ve rediscovered my love of hexipuffs recently, and have been making them in the evenings as I watch TV. They give me a lot of joy. I have a plan to make a beekeepers quilt (which I’ve talked about before … Continue reading

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The Funky Fur Takes Over

I was young, naive. Nineteen. I had only ever bought yarn from charity shops. And then, I walked into a shop that sold new yarn. And, funky fur. « Previous Towersey Shawl – more photos!   Next » Ev’ryday I’m hexipuffin’.

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Friday Inspirations – Beekeepers Quilt

Have you heard of Stephanie Dosen? She is a designer, extraordinarily amazingly cheerful person, and just generally fantastic knitter. She invented the hexipuff. The first hexipuff I knitted for my own Beekeeper’s Quilt was on a tube, travelling to get JS‘ … Continue reading

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Yarn Oddments — what do you do?

My brain works in really odd ways — I spent all of last night having nightmares about scrap yarn. Specifically, the scrap yarn shown in the photo. I think it’s because I spent hours and hours the other night sorting … Continue reading

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