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I’ve moved…again…some WIPS.

Don’t worry, I’m even more sick of the number of times that I’ve moved this year than you are of hearing about it! JS and I have moved to a lovely, gorgeous flat in Finsbury Park, London, which we shall … Continue reading

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Knitting Teacher

On Saturday afternoon I took my first step into being the knitting teacher to a group of people, with a select few of the band from our production of Les Miserables electing to take the gap between the matinee and evening … Continue reading

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Resolutions Update…and we are going geek chic.

I woke up this morning convinced it was Wednesday, and feeling a bit dull because I only have my baby blanket to show you…then I remembered it’s mid-July and I can do a resolutions update, which made me feel a bit better! … Continue reading

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(Another) New Chapter…beyond knitting

Don’t understand the title of this post (what is a new chapter?)? No, me neither. It’s hard to think of a good title that isn’t this: I GOT THE JOB!!! I found out this morning in the middle of a Les Miserables … Continue reading

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Luxury Gloves – hurrah!

One of my July Resolutions was to finish knitting my Luxury Gloves, and when I took them to knitting at Hulu on Wednesday, I am extremely pleased to say that I finished them! I’m heading out to London this afternoon to … Continue reading

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Baby Blanket and a haircut.

I mentioned last week that I was planning to show you a baby blanket I am making! Well, I’ve done really well with it, but I missed WIP Wednesday because I was having my hair done. I’ll show you the … Continue reading

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[Review] – The Knitter’s Bible

It’s time for my long overdue review of The Knitter’s Bible by Claire Crompton. I hope you are all aware that this is my current giveaway! I was so disorganised that I forgot the book in Devon while I was … Continue reading

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Desk Organisation, my way

I was inspired to do some desk organisation today, by a post that I found on Pinterest. It can be found here! Those who know me in RL will know that I have a LOT of stuff, and I am … Continue reading

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ALL the hexagons!

Today’s WIP is not knitting – I’ve been making hexagons by the dozen for a quilting project, and all thoughts of knitting have been driven clean out of my mind. (That’s not strictly true – I’m visiting JS at the moment … Continue reading

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Bags bags bags bags!

I had been intending to post a WIP today, but it’s become a finished object and is now destined for tomorrow’s blog-post…so instead, I’m going to show off my new bags! I have a thing for bags and I was … Continue reading

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