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The Disadvantages of Employment (and Happy Blogoversary)

It’s been a while since I posted…again. Argh! I’ve been thinking rather hard about the advantages and disadvantages of employment recently. I’ll be generous and list them out for you here…! Advantages Earning potential! Having something to do all day. … Continue reading

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FO Friday – Classic Hat and the Dragonfly Jumper

I’ve had a really busy week this week, and managed to produce a myriad of finished objects. Unfortunately, with the Christmas Season coming (those of you who are non-crafters are groaning, I know), I can’t actually show most of them, … Continue reading

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Miner’s Hat

Mr Turtle had a birthday yesterday! Maybe you remember from the cake yesterday? (It was delicious by the way, and it looked stunning when we lit the candles). Anyway, as he is a geologist, I made him an appropriate hat. … Continue reading

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[Blogjacking] – Volcano Cake

I had to make a volcano cake today. Why? Because Mr Turtle, a geologist, entered a new era of age today and we had to make him a cake! As he is a geologist, we wanted to make something related … Continue reading

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[Blogjacking] – Dress for a Wedding

My last post was a blogjack regarding bunting and a dress for a wedding. I am extremely pleased to say that the wedding is over! The dress was finished, the ceremony and party were glorious, and didn’t the bride and … Continue reading

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Turning over a new leaf

  JS and I decided to turn over a new leaf last week, and spent the whole weekend cleaning the flat from top-to-bottom. There are still a few bits and pieces that need sorting — I’m in the middle of … Continue reading

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