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FO Friday – Apple Laptop Case

I thought I’d do an FO Friday for this laptop case, even though it’s already featured several times in a few posts of late! The Apple Laptop Case was made for JS, my Apple fan-boy knight in shining armour. I … Continue reading

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Don’t bite off more (yarn) than you can chew.

I had work today. You know, work, at Hobbycraft? The job that I love? I learnt an important lesson today. Don’t be cocky, and bite off more yarn than you can chew. No, really. I loaded up a cage in … Continue reading

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Happy Sunday! A complete gadget case.

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic, productive and restful weekend! One of my test knitters certainly did, with photos of a complete gadget case sent to me and received with delight. I have spent most of the weekend working, … Continue reading

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FO Friday – iPad case!

It’s been a while since I did an FO Friday. Things at Plutonium Muffins HQ have been busy! JSĀ and I have been working on my first pattern basically non-stop. I’ve got ten test-knitters working on it now – one of … Continue reading

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Publish? (And, England is covered in snow)

The word “publish” has a very significant meaning to me – as a nine year old I can remember saying to my teacher at school, Mrs Lombard, that I wanted to ‘write books’ when I grew up. “You mean you … Continue reading

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Sorting through my Ravelry queue…and other organisation.

I sorted through my Ravelry* queue the other day. What this actually means is that I deleted all the projects that I put up there as I’ve brainstormed over the last few years, and added patterns that I think will … Continue reading

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