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May Day! Some Resolutions and a Challenge

May Day is without a doubt my favourite holiday of the year. There’s no preparation required, I don’t have to worry about buying or making presents to tell everyone I appreciate them in a material way, and best of all, … Continue reading

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Spin all the things!

I have taken the time while I’ve been on knit-rest to┬ádo some sorting out, and am now starting to spin all the things! I’ve been doing a lot of YouTube videos rather than blog posts recently has been because even … Continue reading

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March Resolutions 2016

Every time I sit down to write my March Resolutions, I get distracted. Today, a full week after confidently declaring online for all the world to see that Lambing 2016 was officially over for us, I walked into the field … Continue reading

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Repeated Repetitive Strain, with bonus video!

Today for you, my lovely readers, I have repeated my Repetitive Strain Injury blogs from two years ago, with an additional video to talk you through the tl;dr aspects of the post. This is helpful for everybody, not just knitters, … Continue reading

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Dealing with RSI…and, meet Pippin

Good news – as of today, my RSI treatment plan dictates that I can knit again! OK, in theory, although I do have some pain as I type this and should probably not knit for a few more days, so … Continue reading

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Repetitive Strain Injury and knitting

I’m afraid to say that hours of knitting the Weasley Sweater have given me a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). I’m on knit-rest for a week. That’s right – no knitting for a week!! I thought it was time to address … Continue reading

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