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Mid-March Milestones (and an FO)

I promised a report on milestones a while back when I started my March Resolutions that I would give an update on the 14th. Well, today is the 15th and the only thing I can say is that I’ve had … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday – Cheviot Yarn Attempt One

One of my March Resolutions was to “Wheel-spin all of my personally prepared Cheviot fibre.” I’ve so far managed two skeins of Cheviot Yarn, with my third set of singles resting on the bobbins. Hurrah. This has happened because of … Continue reading

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Spinning – Happy New March! Resolutions.

Plutonium Muffins has gone back to spinning. So, what the heck does “Happy New March! Resolutions” mean?! February has treated me badly, friends. My car tried to break my spirit, at the same time as a wisdom tooth decided that ‘up’ … Continue reading

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WIPW (12) – Towersey Shawl and fleeces

I’ve finished knitting the Towersey Shawl! I need to decide what else to move on to when I finish – I have a sock kit, and I also have my big tub full of Cheviot fleece which I need to card … Continue reading

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