Tetris Scarf is finished!

I am absolutely thrilled to say that the Tetris Scarf is finished – exactly fourteen days after I started it! Now that is hard work, if I do say so myself.

I’m off to a spa this weekend, and cannot wait. My friend Hot Wheels and I are setting out on our adventure tonight and will return on Sunday. JS has even given me a bit of money so I can *really* enjoy it. I love these guys. Except there are no sensible photos of the two of them that I can put up, so you will just have to imagine…

Tetris Scarf

All the pattern info etc can be found in this post, I’m not typing it out again just for funsies!

I finished weaving in the ends last night, and pinned the scarf out on the ironing board to steam the heck out of it. I always knew, academically, that stocking stitch fabric rolls, but boy was I unprepared for how much it rolls.

Starting out the pinning process - you can see how much it rolls.
Starting out the pinning process – you can see how much it rolls.

It took me about 45 minutes just to unroll all the curly bits. I had been wondering whether I should put a garter stitch border on it, and, perhaps stupidly, decided not to. The scarf was steamed to almost literal death. Then, slightly scared of it, I sprayed it with water and pressed it under a cloth.

All pinned out and left to think about what it's done.
All pinned out and left to think about what it’s done.

And then I left it pinned out for over eight hours, just to teach it a lesson.

This morning, I unpinned everything and to my horror it curled a bit. I mean, it is nowhere near as bad as it was, but there is definite evidence of curling, as shown in this (once again embarrassing selfie of Corrie first thing in the morning) photo.

Early morning selfie showing more curling on the Tetris Scarf.
Early morning selfie showing more curling on the Tetris Scarf.

I don’t think JS minds too much. His criteria when I bought the yarn were:

  • Not too scratchy
  • Not too expensive – but not too cheap either
  • Soft
  • Autumnal colours
  • Doesn’t smell funny

I’m pretty sure I nailed four out of the five of those. It’s pure wool and cost £50 to buy the yarn – but I have at least half of it left, so that would make it £25 which I call not too expensive, but not too cheap. It’s reeeeeally soft and I love the colours. It definitely, definitely doesn’t smell funny.

JS wearing the scarf...slight curl shown.
JS wearing the scarf…slight curl shown.
Close up of the TETRIS Scarf wonderment.
Close up of the TETRIS Scarf wonderment.

Unfortunately the comment when I asked him if he liked it was:

Love it, it’s a bit scratchy on my neck but I assume that’ll soften when it’s washed.

So, blogosphere. How do I explain to my beloved that it probably won’t be ‘washed’ as such and that it is probably going to be ‘a bit scratchy’ forever? I am devastated about this. I’m hoping it’s just because he isn’t used to wearing pure wool. Right?

Next time, the garter stitch is going in, but for now I’m going to try and be a bit adventurous and possibly back it with fleece. This will mitigate the scratching (right??) and the curling. Hopefully!

Rolled up Tetris Scarf.
Rolled up Tetris Scarf.

What are you making?

Much love,

Corrie xx

PS LAST DAY for the giveaway today. It will close this evening and I will do the draw tomorrow…so last chance to enter!

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10 Responses to Tetris Scarf is finished!

  1. That is an amazing scarf! Geek scarfs are the future :-P

  2. JS says:

    1. “Not too scratchy” – it’s not too scratchy, and I think I am already getting used to it. I’ve never worn pure wool before!

    2. “Not too expensive – but not too cheap either” – check.
    3. “Soft” – SO soft!
    4. “Autumnal colours” – yup.
    5. “Doesn’t smell funny” – I <3 the smell!

    I has a happy :D

  3. Cathy says:

    Wow! What a fabulous scarf, so funky, love love love!

  4. Dahle says:

    Love it! So fun. I liked that his criteria is that it doesn’t smell funny.

  5. Stefanie says:

    I love the scarf! To solve a few of the issues you mentioned, I would probably try wet blocking with some Eucalan. It has a bit of lanolin which will condition and soften fibers (it’s no-rinse, so the formula is designed to stay in whatever your washing for the express purpose of conditioning/softening!). Also, you might be able to stretch and coerce a little more cooperation re: the rolling issue, with any luck! Rolling aside, I think the scarf looks AMAZING – job well done!

  6. Ginny says:

    What a lovely design for a scarf. It is great as tetris players will immediately know what it is, but anyone else will just think what a beautiful pattern.

  7. wonderwhygal says:

    That scarf is rock star! I love it.

  8. Mim says:

    You could try hand washing it and putting a bit of hair conditioner on it. That can sometimes soften knits.

    The rolling is an annoying thing about stocking stitch.

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