The Angel Socks

I have finished my March socks, called the Angel socks as I got the yarn from SugarAngel on Ravelry as part of a Secret Santa swap! I cast these on March 1st, and they were my ‘go-to’ project at Edinburgh Yarn Festival as the other project I had taken was lace(ish) – no good for chatting!

The Angel Socks

I did mention these in my Friday post, but I got round to taking photos today, so I thought I’d show them off – it makes a nice change from event and shop reviews, in any case! The pattern is from Stitch Style Socks: Twenty Fashion Knit and Crochet Styles, a book which is now out of print, but available second-hand on Amazon or wherever else you are lucky enough to find it.

I chose to do the “Ribbon Socks”, because this pattern is a toe-up pattern, and SugarAngel had already halved the skein so I had exactly half of the yarn to work with for each sock – I could just keep going until I ran out. I tried out Judy’s Magic Cast On for this first time. I love this technique. I found YouTube most helpful for the tutorial – I’ll embed the video I used at the bottom of this post. Instead of leaving eyelets for the ribbon that they wanted me to thread through, I decided not to do that and just knitted straight stockinette for what is essentially a lovely vanilla sock.

The yarn is Premier Yarns Serenity Sock Weight Solids – you will not be able to get this colourway because SugarAngel dyed it herself. The colours are so incredibly unusual – I would never have bought these colours, but I think I have been converted now! The yarn was nice and soft, the socks are incredibly comfortable, and I am super thrilled with the knitting.

I was turning the heel on my second sock while in Edinburgh, and umming and ahhing about doing it. In fact, I faffed so much that by the time I did turn the heel, I got a round of applause in the Podcaster’s Lounge because everyone had been hearing me talk about it so much! It was then extremely fast to just whip up the cuff, and I sat in a gallery in Edinburgh with a cup of tea from the coolest tea-pot ever to finish. These will forever be my Edinburgh memory socks.

The Angel Socks - blocking on the door because Tonks finds them irresistible to play with.
The Angel Socks – blocking on the door because Tonks finds them irresistible to play with.
One compete sock.
One compete sock.
Close-up of the colours - aren't they fab?
Close-up of the colours – aren’t they fab?
Working on my Angel socks with a matching teapot in Edinburgh!
Working on my Angel socks with a matching teapot in Edinburgh!

I am now suffering from a lurgy – still – and am going to head back to bed with some podcasts, knitting and a big cup of Lemsip. I’m sick of getting colds and coughs and fevers – literally!

Much love,

Corrie xx

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5 Responses to The Angel Socks

  1. gracey says:

    Those are fantastic..I love the heel turn…

  2. Katherine says:

    Those are a beautiful pair of socks. I do hope that you are feeling much better quite soon. I too have had a flu for about two weeks here and discovered podcasts for the first time. They are brilliant and I have many more in my subscription box to watch yet!

  3. Lissa says:

    -Does a little happy dance- They turned out awesome! You seem to have found the perfect pattern for the stripeys, and you do just gorgeous work — so neat and tidy.

    I’m glad you ended up liking the colors. I pretty much picked them based on the fact that A) these were colors I was fairly certain I could get, and 2) I figured you needed some crazy stripes in your life.

    Enjoy the socks! :D (By the way, Ian’s tickled that you called them Angel socks, since Angel is what he calls me when he’s being affectionate!)

  4. They are pretty awesome socks!
    I really must get to grips with toe up socks. I’ve just started my second adult sock so hopefully will get them finished over Easter.
    Which socks are next?

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