The Funky Fur Takes Over

I was young, naive. Nineteen. I had only ever bought yarn from charity shops. And then, I walked into a shop that sold new yarn. And, funky fur.

I bought it. It sat in my WIP basket for literally years, waiting to become a scarf. One ball of blue funky fur was used to knit a ten-stitch garter stitch scarf. It was dull. Boring.

I was obsessed with fish, and had a 300 litre tank in my lounge. I took inspiration from my Oranda fish, Ory. I used Ravelry to find Cara Clark’s pattern, “Fish for Penguins“.

The Aquarium Scarf was born.

Beautiful scarf with fishies dangling from it.
Beautiful scarf with fishies dangling from it.
Close-up of a fishy.
Close-up of a fishy.

JS refused to model it, so Tommy had to instead. I was still in my pyjamas.

Tommy is unimpressed with his new scarf.
Tommy is unimpressed with his new scarf.

But I have more Funky Fur

I now have 8 more balls of funky fur to use up…I don’t know what I’m going to do with it. I hated this project so much that it sat in my UFO pile for ages, and the only reason I’ve finally finished it is because I’m determined to clear out the bag holding them all.

I have been hexipuffing again, which has been fun. I don’t think funky fur hexipuffs will work though. Do you have any ideas of what I can do with it?

Who doesn't love a good hexipuff?
Who doesn’t love a good hexipuff?

Facebook and Ravelry

In a time-honoured fashion, I’ve decided to put together a little reward package for my fans on Facebook and Ravelry. I couldn’t decide on a good judgement criteria, so I’ve taken some advice.

On Facebook, when I reach 200 fans I will do a draw and pick one of those fans in a time-honoured random fashion. The winner will win a £5 Amazon gift voucher, or the equivalent in your chosen currency!

I will be doing a similar thing on Ravelry, with the target being 100 members in the Plutonium Muffins group. Instead of an Amazon gift voucher, I’ll gift a pattern of the winners choice up to a value of $6 or the equivalent.

I wish you all the best of luck! I want to return some of the love, and this seems a good way. Links in the relevant places!

Much love,

Corrie xx

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