It’s that time of the year…and Knitting News

I am afraid to say that I absolutely cannot share with you my crafty WIPs or FOs until after Christmas now. I have no more that I can show you as they are all for people who (should) be reading the blog.

So, for today, your Friday delight from me is going to be my three favourite news articles of the week…

[Quick Interlude – At work, I have started sending out weekly summaries to our members, and this week I worked out that I had a cup of tea for ever 22.5 emails I sent. I don’t know what I think about that – is it good, bad or average? Bearing in mind I send over 150 emails every day….hmmm…]

Woolly suits for pet tortoises…

Where? From the Guardian – here!

Why? It has been making my non-knitting friends talk…gasp! And for this guy.

Cake for tortoises!
Cake for tortoises!

What do you think?

The Sarah Lund Jumper

What do you mean, you haven’t seen the Killing? OK, I know a lot of you may not have…but this jumper was made famous by it, and this story features the women who made it…

Sarah Lund, with her jumper in the middle.
Sarah Lund, with her jumper in the middle.

Knitting for the Tour de France

Harrogate Council are trying to get knitters to make bunting that is a replica of the jersey’s that cyclists in this famous tour wear. I’m not a journalist so you can read the full story in their words here – but I am super excited about the bunting!

And the pattern that can be downloaded from here.

And because they’re calling the project Le Tour de Bunting.

I mean, I’m going to be in heaven with this one.

They even have a JERSEY COUNTER
They even have a JERSEY COUNTER

Have you seen any knitting news that you think I would like? I’d love to hear from you!

Corrie xx

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