Turning over a new leaf


JS and I decided to turn over a new leaf last week, and spent the whole weekend cleaning the flat from top-to-bottom. There are still a few bits and pieces that need sorting — I’m in the middle of making thousands of bags to keep my knitting projects in, so I can tidy my craft space — but overall, the whole thing looks much better.

None of this compares to the exciting event that happened on Saturday morning. My monthly Knit Today mag dropped through the letterbox, and who should feature in the letters page, but yours truly! Happy event indeed — I was immediately distracted from playing through “Winter” by Vivaldi (part of the new leaf is doing violin practice on a regular basis!) and sat down to peruse the mag.

I'm in Knit Today!
I’m in Knit Today!

I’ve started knitting some cute little bunnies from one of their recommended websites — these will be perfect for a friend who I promised bunnies to literally months ago, and hated the ones I made so much that I never sent them to her. They will be done soon, hopefully.

Archie and a turtle (Copyright John S) I did this while I was at Turtle‘s house — Mr Turtle made us dinner while I taught her how to cast on, so she can make a hat. Exciting stuff! We took our rabbit to visit her, and got this rather hilarious photo of him.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m in the process of importing my blogspot blog to WordPress, so there will be another section to this one shortly (but I’ll still keep knitting and other crafting and life fairly seperate to try keep it all relevant).

I feel like an adult, now.

Much love,

Corrie xx

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