WIPW (7) — Fairisle Mittens

Back to WIP Wednesday today! I mentioned last week that I’d won something from Knit Today…well, a week later and I’ve nearly completed one mitten. This has a lot to do with the fact that I was in bed for much of the weekend — but never mind!

The yarn is Artesano Superwash, and the mittens are knit on double-pointed needles. I’ve never done a proper fairisle project before – and I’ve never knitted with dpns. This could be fantastic..!

Fairisle Mittens

Here are some photos for you. Aren’t the colours brilliant? The green suits me down to the ground – I like the fuchsia too, but this combination of colours isn’t something I would have picked before. It’ll grow on me!

The magazine, the yarn, the pattern
The magazine, the yarn, the pattern
Tried out circulars first...rookie error!
Tried out circulars first…rookie error!
Half complete mitten
Half complete mitten.
Some way to go, but nearly there!
Some way to go, but nearly there!

I’m planning to do a Knit Today review at some point — I tried all the knitting magazines I could get my hands on before I subscribed to one of them, and Knit Today won hands down. I got my June copy last night after about a week of searching through the post for it, and I’m one happy bunny.

Do you read any crafty magazines? Which ones?

Much love,

Corrie xx

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3 Responses to WIPW (7) — Fairisle Mittens

  1. I recently stopped subscribing to crafty magazines and instead just buying issues that have projects I like. They take up too much room otherwise! I’m glad you’ve found one that you enjoy!

    • Corrie says:

      I was planning to do that — but I find that my inspiration tends to follow a trend depending on when I’ve received a magazine or not — it dips a bit in the two weeks after I’ve received the mag, then increases gradually until I get it, then starts dropping again! My baseline is rather high though, so it doesn’t affect my output so much. I just like getting them!

  2. Oh, very nice mitten! The colours are lovely together. Well done!

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