I’m Corrie, a twenty-something year old living in Devon with my parents and a veritable menagerie of companions. Wonder-Mum and Fab-Dad put up with me living in their house wonderfully, and have promised me they will continue to do so until I can make other plans. Aren’t I lucky?

Aged 21 -- and 2! (Copyright Corrie B)
Aged 21 — and 2! (Copyright Corrie B)

I studied Materials Science and Engineering at university and am now living at home while I try figure out what I am going to do with the rest of my life. I’m sure it is going to involve crafts in some way or the other.

I’m a crafty person in general. Plutonium Muffins is mainly for knitting and spinning, despite the huge amount of other things that I do, but bits of real-life and other crafts do sneak in sometimes. I hope you won’t mind!

Knitting in the sunshine!
Knitting in the sunshine!

You can find out about my knitting and spinning here.

About Plutonium Muffins

The Plutonium Muffins motto is “embrace life”. The motto and website was inspired by the loss of a very dear friend, whose advice to me was always “don’t have a bad day just because someone else is”, and other such things along those lines.

Inspired by Grace <3 (Copyright Corrie B)
Inspired by Grace <3 (Copyright Corrie B)

In December of 2011 – after a year of mental illness and my life generally being improved in a massive way by knitting, I started the Plutonium Muffins website. The story starts here, and is on-going. I hope you follow, and enjoy.

Please do feel absolutely free to pop me a line. I am very talkative and always looking to meet new people who may teach me a bit about themselves, their craft, and the world in general.

Much love,

Corrie xx

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