September Resolutions and August Recap

I cannot believe it is time to set my September Resolutions already. What is up with that!? I have so many ideas buzzing around and I’m really looking forward to getting going on some September knitting – so here goes! Continue reading

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Finished Zigzag Jumper! Now “Watermelon Sweater”

Hurrah, the Zigzag Jumper is finished! I know I have been very quiet around here – I’ve been trying desperately to finish the jumper, and it’s hard to blog and knit at the same time… Continue reading

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Gigantic Blankie – the final post (for now!)

I have finally, finally, after just ten months, finished Gigantic Blankie! Hurrrah, super happy Corrie – for now! I am still debating knitting another one and joining them either through picking-up stitches magic, or plain ole needle and thread. I think it will probably stay on its own for a while, though. Continue reading

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August Resolutions Update

I have another post queued and ready to go, but WordPress is having a hissy fit and won’t let me upload my FO projects so you get an August Resolutions update instead. (I mean, what’s the point in uploading an FO post with no photos of the FO? Webmonkey John is going to fix this for me.) Continue reading

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I must knit Chetna’s sweater

Did anyone watching the Great British Bake Off fall as in love with Chetna’s sweater as I did? John and I were both sitting and enjoying (well…he was under duress, but I was enjoying), when I suddenly said “OH MY GOD I MUST KNIT THAT SWEATER”. The poor chap was quite shaken. Continue reading

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Zigzags Galore – a jumper in progress

I’m still working on my Zigzag Jumper, as I’m sure many of you are aware – progress has again been slow as I have misplaced all seven (!!) of my tape measures. This is a common problem for me – and apparently for many of you on Twitter too! Anyway, here follows the update, fuelled by a brand new Costa just down the road from me and a mint mocha. Continue reading

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Local Yarn Shops: Sew In of Buxton

I visited “Sew In” this weekend, a sewing and knitting shop in Buxton, which had a lovely yarn section in it. I ended up drooling over all the gorgeous yarns that they stock, and buying a few bits for some new projects. Continue reading

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The Liebster Award

I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Victoria of Vittoria Segreta – she is one of John’s oldest friends, and a fantastic crafter with some fibre to die for in her Etsy shop! Here follows the official blurb of this award, and my nominations for the other lovely blogs. Continue reading

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