#WIPCrackAway – Icon Dress Pt 1

I’ve been working on my #WIPCrackAway project – which is what the Icon Dress now is! #WIPCrackAway is a knit along which is being hosted by Louise of the Knit British Podcast, and Nic of the Yarns from the Plain podcast. Go and check it out – if you have any WIP’s from before the 1st of September, you could be eligible for a prize if you finish it by the 1st of November! The chat thread is here this week. Continue reading

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Episode Three: Kuruka

Welcome to Episode Three of the Plutonium Muffins Podcast – Kuruka! I discuss some projects I’m working on, as well as the events I will be going to in the next few weeks. I go through the Monthly Resolutions and talk about a KAL we will be doing in January 2015. There’s also a section on a brief History of Knitting, and at the very end – an explanation as to why I called everything Plutonium Muffins! Continue reading

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Plutonium Muffins Podcast Promo

This is just a quick little one to say I have recorded a promotional message for the Plutonium Muffins Podcast! Have a listen to this below, and give it a share if you like it.

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My Favourite Things Knitalong – the start of a project

I cast on “My Favourite Things” by Jill McGee on the last day of August, and I am really enjoying this project! It’s slow going and quite heavy – and I’m using magic loop on needles with a cable that is too short – but I’m really enjoying the project and finding it just as addictive as everyone warned! Continue reading

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Sherbert Cushion

Doesn’t the idea of a Sherbert Cushion sound delicious? Well it’s very soft and squooshy and gorgeously coloured, and in my opinion is as delicious as yarn and stuffing can get. It looks lovely on our (new) sofa! Continue reading

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Episode Two: Gachira

Welcome to the second episode of the Plutonium Muffins Podcast. I talk about what I’m knitting, my finished projects, some resolutions chatter as well as a brief history of sheep. I hope you enjoy it! Continue reading

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September Resolutions and August Recap

I cannot believe it is time to set my September Resolutions already. What is up with that!? I have so many ideas buzzing around and I’m really looking forward to getting going on some September knitting – so here goes! Continue reading

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Finished Zigzag Jumper! Now “Watermelon Sweater”

Hurrah, the Zigzag Jumper is finished! I know I have been very quiet around here – I’ve been trying desperately to finish the jumper, and it’s hard to blog and knit at the same time… Continue reading

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Gigantic Blankie – the final post (for now!)

I have finally, finally, after just ten months, finished Gigantic Blankie! Hurrrah, super happy Corrie – for now! I am still debating knitting another one and joining them either through picking-up stitches magic, or plain ole needle and thread. I think it will probably stay on its own for a while, though. Continue reading

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