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I’ve been in a reflective mood recently, and have spent a lot of time drafting blog posts trying to put that feeling into words. As I was taking a walk around Bristol Harbour this morning, I realised that my feelings … Continue reading

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Pixie Slipper Boots from the Wool Shop Leeds

Last week I finished the pixie slipper boots, the first knitting project I’ve completed for myself in, wait for it….well over a year. Every year for the last few I’ve made the resolution “make more stuff for myself”, and every … Continue reading

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Frozen Sunday and the tiniest amount of knitting

The “Beast from the East: Mach 2” hit the UK this weekend and everything got literally frozen. For those of you who don’t live here and are under the illusion that the picturesque postcard image you have in your head … Continue reading

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Fuss Free Baby Boom – a cardigan and some booties

The baby boom is (almost) over! The last one of my friends to leave work on maternity leave has gone, and with her all my requirements for baby knitting. I haven’t blogged about this for a little while because I’ve … Continue reading

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A deadline: One year late is better than never?

It’s pertinent that the next thing I wanted to blog about was deadlines, deadline knitting, missing deadlines, being late for deadlines….because here I am a month later having missed all my self-imposed deadlines after a good start to the year. … Continue reading

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Craft appreciation

This year, my lovely gran has been showing appreciation for the makes I’ve gifted her over the years by sending me WhatsApp messages and pictures talking about them. In the past she quite regularly sent me photos of the items … Continue reading

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A few years ago a small black cocker spaniel puppy was brought into the family, and his charmingly foppish character and behaviour not dissimilar to a well-known British politician earned him the name of Boris. Fast forward a couple of … Continue reading

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Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on… [CLOSED]

In the middle of last year I had a go at vlogging. I really enjoyed it, but very quickly realised my life is nowhere near interesting enough to document in that way, and the experiment got rapidly aborted. Along the … Continue reading

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Happy New Year (of giveaways!)

Is the 6th of January too late to be wishing you all a Happy New Year? Mine has started with a bang and I’ve been at work all hours of the day, so this is actually the first chance I’ve … Continue reading

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There’s something in the water

If I were to say to you that there’s something in the water, what would you think? This year has seen a mega baby boom at my work! There are several great things about this and one sad one. I’ll … Continue reading

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