Election Shawl – a WIP

I haven’t posted about my WIPs for the longest time because my spinning WIPs go off the wheel almost as soon as they go on (the hazards of spinning samples rather than full skeins) and I’ve only had one active knitting WIP for the last few months. However, I cast off that WIP yesterday (more information once I’ve blocked it) and picked up another that I haven’t looked at for months: my Election Shawl.

The Election Shawl

I started knitting this on the night of the UK Election Results announcement. I did an all-nighter, intending to start and finish the shawl that night, doing a YO everytime a new result was announced.

Needless to say, it was rather an ambitious plan, and I never managed. I put the shawl down and forgot about it. I did take the project bag with me to Australia…but I haven’t worked on it since, so when I did start working on it, I ripped out the 65 rows I had done and started again.

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The pattern is Pretty Basic by Janina Kallio and I am using one of the skeins of yarn that John bought for me in New York, Nooch Midtown Sock in the handpainted colourway based on “Flag” by Jasper Johns. I selected the pattern because I wanted an easy shawl, and this matched up with my yardage. I’m enjoying it so far. It’s not too complex and is a nice mindless knit. I can currently get a couple of rows done every time mum and I drive somewhere, but as soon as the rows start getting longer it will be less quick.

"Flag", doesn't it look scrummy?
“Flag”, doesn’t it look scrummy?
Flag the painting.
Flag the painting.

The fibre is beautiful, and I’m really enjoying knitting with it. I’m looking forward to finishing the shawl – I would consider giving it away if John hadn’t given the yarn to me, but this one will be mine because of the origin of it. It’s lovely to have a project on the needles again, and I’m going to endeavour to have a few minutes of knitting each day even when I’m super duper busy with my fibre preparation!

What’s your favourite single skein project? I’ve got a few odd skeins in my stash and I’m looking for ways to use them!

Much love,

Corrie xx

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  1. Regula says:

    Single skein like 100 gramms or only 50g? 100 gramms make a pair of socks. 50 gramms with a few leftovers a … hat? All the best! Regula

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