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Stitch Maynia is over!

Stitch Maynia 2016 is over! I had intended to post weekly updates of my progress….I didn’t get to posting the photos, as you may have noticed! I’ve been job-hunting and house-hunting in Bristol for the last few months, and the big news … Continue reading

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Stitch Maynia Update – Part One

I’m super excited about my Stitch Maynia challenge, which I started on the 1st of May and will continue till the 31st. The idea is that you start a new cross stitch piece every day – the actual challenge runs … Continue reading

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Free Emoji Cross Stitch!

Last year I converted some emoji into cross stitch patterns because I was doing workshops teaching people craft, and I wanted something topical that they would enjoy stitching. I’ve just reached 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel, and as the … Continue reading

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May Day! Some Resolutions and a Challenge

May Day is without a doubt my favourite holiday of the year. There’s no preparation required, I don’t have to worry about buying or making presents to tell everyone I appreciate them in a material way, and best of all, … Continue reading

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YARNS of Tavistock: Local Yarn Shops

I unexpectedly came across YARNS of Tavistock on Monday morning, and absolutely loved it. I sometimes go in to yarn shops thinking I might do a review of them, and then realise there is nothing to distinguish them from the myriads … Continue reading

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Lighthouses! Design Inspirations

I’ve been doing a lot of designing recently, and one of my current obsessions is lighthouses. There’s a very specific reason why this has become a thing that I’m interested in, which will all be revealed later – but I … Continue reading

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Twelve Days of Christmas – Plum Street Samplers

The Twelve Days of Christmas…in APRIL?! I started a new cross stitch piece last week, and yes it is Christmas themed, and yes it is indeed only April… The Twelve Days of Christmas The new piece is a Plum Street … Continue reading

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Election Shawl – the finished pictures!

I last blogged about the Election Shawl in September – I started it in May last year, and finished it in November 2015, but for some reason it managed to escape the list of projects to talk about! So here … Continue reading

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Knitting a rainbow! – Fibre to yarn to shawl

I’ve been looking for some rainbow yarn I spun up last year, and I apparently never blogged about it. The first yarn was here, and I documented that really well, but the second lot escaped somehow. I have just started … Continue reading

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Flower Power for every season!

Living in London, you forget the power of a simple flower growing on the verge, in your lawn, or dotted through woodlands as you go for a summer stroll. I’ve been so overjoyed recently to have the chance to enjoy … Continue reading

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