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Handmade Christmas Stocking

A few weeks ago the team at Turtle Mat asked if I’d like to take part in a Christmas Stocking challenge. They’ve done blogger craft campaigns for a couple of years, and I was keen to get involved. A few days … Continue reading

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Five years ago, I sat down in the lounge in a shared flat in Brixton, South London. There were things literally everywhere – a small trunk of yarn, a house rabbit in a cage, very poorly constructed sofas. John and … Continue reading

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Easy Needlecase Tutorial (and Giveaway) | Sewing

I made a super easy needlecase for my lovely friend Nadine, and filmed the process to show you how I did it! I talked about the original project in a previous post. This is the step-by-step tutorial as shown on … Continue reading

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Uniball pens – Posca and PIN | Review

I got sent some Uniball pens a few weeks ago and have been absolutely dying to have a chance to sit down and use them. With all the weddings and moving out of the way (just about), I’ve managed it! … Continue reading

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Needlebook for Nadine | Sewing

Time for a break into some sewing, and a needlebook with a bit of freehand embroidery. With a big birthday coming up, my friend Nadine came over for a cuppa one evening and made a throwaway comment that got my … Continue reading

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Completed Kitty Ring | Silversmithing

The last time you saw the kitty ring, it had just had its ears soldered on and was ready to be cleaned up and turned into an actual ring! I finished it a while ago and have been wearing it … Continue reading

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Craftisan – John’s favourite ever craft shop

When we moved to Bristol I posted a long post about moving, and promised I would tell you all about Craftisan, our local craft shop. It’s taken me so long to do so that I’ve been able to go back and … Continue reading

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Crazy cat lady silversmithing update

Before I went on my silversmithing course last week, I spent ages browsing Pinterest looking at jewellery. As a dedicated cat lady, there was really only one choice – a cat ring! You can check out the jewellery board here. … Continue reading

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My Kryptonite – also known as picking up stitches

Kryptonite is a weird way to be talking about this project. The naming happened organically and now I can’t help it! I’ve been talking about my mum’s birthday present for months, without ever having actually shown it to you. The time … Continue reading

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Silversmithing with Alice Goldsack in Bristol

Silversmithing?! That’s nothing to do with knitting! I know, I wasn’t sure how to make it fit either – and then I decided that rather than start a new blog for this new craft, I could just talk about all … Continue reading

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