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Dr Who Scarf cast on!

I cast on my Dr Who scarf the other day. You have No. Idea. how excited I am about this project, although it has resulted in a little bit of an RSI relapse. I’ll be talking about that later, so hang … Continue reading

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Blazing Rainbows – spinning fibre!

I’m super thrilled to have just managed to list some of my favourite fibre on Etsy – blazing rainbows! I’ve had this for a little while and have been spinning up a sample, but there are Things happening with my … Continue reading

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Stashquisition…brought to you by Cascade 220

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned…with a stashquisition of epic proportions. Part of this was necessary, and actually part of my January/February Resolutions…but part of it was just pure frivolity. I’m going to say it’s because my stash is … Continue reading

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Mr Sheep — A cross stitch finish!

Mr Sheep is finished! I introduced him to you in this post, and bought him in Cumbria Embroidery (link takes you to my review of that shop). He has been a ‘handbag’ project, which is why it has taken longer … Continue reading

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Gas, Dust and Billions of Stars – free pattern!

I briefly mentioned “Gas, Dust and Billions of Stars” in a blog post last week, but I thought I’d do a post dedicated specifically to this galaxy scarf, with the added bonus of the written out pattern! I called the personal … Continue reading

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February 2016 Resolutions, with a January recap

Oooh I can’t believe it is nearly February 2016 already! Where are the years going? The first time I realised that years had ‘names’, was in 1995. It was the first time I wrote the full date (at the age of … Continue reading

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Captain Chaos: an update on Chase Dog

I thought you would all appreciate an update on how Chase (often known as Captain Chaos) is getting on, so here it is! He is now a few days over four months old, and has slotted straight into the household with a … Continue reading

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January 2016 FOs: accessorise to the max!

Following on from Wednesday’s post, here is a January 2016 FOs one! I feel like I’ve been really productive this month – whether or not this is actually the case, I’m not sure. At least I have a lot of … Continue reading

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January 2016 WIPs – a lot of cross stitch!

Today I’m here to show you my January 2016 WIPs! This will largely focus on cross stitch, as my knitting WIPs have either ‘converted’ to FOs recently, or are in a state in which I can’t actually take a photograph of them! … Continue reading

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May I take a photo?

As a blogger, one of the most important things to me whenever I am doing something that I would like to blog about later is taking a photo. It is great to be able to share things visually – after … Continue reading

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