Friday Inspirations – Jo Hamilton

I bring you one of the first crafty Friday Inspirations that I’ve done! This one features Jo Hamilton, an amazing crochet artist who makes crochet art. Incredible.

I’ve always wanted to be an accomplished crochet…person. (Crocheter? Crochetist? Crochician?!) But, I haven’t managed so far – once I’ve perfected all the other little things, hopefully I will get round to it!

Jo Hamilton – crochet artist

This video shows the process of Jo Hamilton sketching with crochet. It’s well worth the watch, honestly! I hope you enjoy it.

I’m at a festival this weekend, so won’t be around. Sorry, you’ll have to make do without me! As always, if you can recommend any inspirational persons or stories, I’d absolutely love to hear from you!

Much love,


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