Help! My RSS feed is getting out of control!

This is a bit of a bizarre post – much self promotion for all of the lovely people on my RSS feed, and also a chance for me to find out what you read.

I’m on a mission to read all about all the blogs to do with knitting in the universe…OK, maybe not, but I did purchase Reeder for iMac (sorry, I’m an all-Apple girl) and have been having a lot of fun adding all of the blogs I read regularly to it. I am, shock horror gasp, going to list all the knitting specific blogs in this post. Are you ready?

No, really? You might need to get a cup of tea. Now? Mug hug and a cuppa tea

Contents of Corrie’s RSS Feed Reader

1. The Sexy Knitter
2. Plutonium Muffins (haha, yes it’s in my RSS — to see what I look like on other feeds and make adjustments!)
3. Susan B. Anderson
4. Nancy Knits
5. Knitting Project of the Day
6. Babajezas Wundertute
7. Bruno
8. Cloudberry Cloudberry
9. Elephant Knits
10. Ginx Craft
11. Good Enough.
12. handmade by stefanie
13. herrlichkeiten herrlichkeiten
14. KnitHacker
15. Knitting Love
16. Little Cotton Rabbits
17. minding my own stitches Tanya Today
18. Mochimochi Land
19. Spinster Beth
20. Stitched Together
21. Tami’s Amis and Other Creations
22. Tanya Today Tami's Amis
23. The Gingerbread Bunny little cotton rabbits
24. whendidibecomeaknitter
25. Will Knit for Food
26. iMake [General Craft]
27. A Crochet Ninja [Crochet]
28. Crochet with Raymond [Crochet]
29. Twinkie Chan Blog [Crochet]

Two things to note. The numbers are for reference only, and are the order in which these appear in the RSS feed. Not by order of preference. The second thing to note is that even though this list may seem crazy, I assure you, it isn’t really. Actually, it’s quite empty compared to the other blogs in my Reeder, which are tagged under “Lifestyle”, “Cooking”, “General Craft”. Some are included with their classification in [square brackets] as they have a knitting or spinning interest too.

I skim-read about 50 blogs a day, and read those that catch my eye (about 20) in depth. I have a new mission for September, which is to classify all the blogs I read and have a good idea of those which I must not miss out on. I will quite regularly ‘forget’ about a blog I really like if I get distracted by life, then come back to it a couple of months later and have loads of back-log to read, which is irritating. Another issue is when other bloggers post infrequently and I miss their posts when they do come. Irritating!

So, my question to you is – of those listed, which of these blogs do you read? And, which ones do you think I’m missing off? I’d like to know what your top three blogs are, and possibly why if you’re feeling up to it. I love to read about other people’s projects – especially when my depression gets on top of me and all I want to do is sit on the sofa and can’t even extend my hands to knit. It’s a great source of inspiration – and I’m basically being selfish and asking you to tell me what inspires you!

Thank you so much if you comment, it means a lot.

Much love,

Corrie xx

PS: Not all the blogs I read are even listed – there are still a large number I haven’t extracted off Pinterest yet.

PPS: I’m eventually going to put my favourite 20 on my blogroll, and will keep a more comprehensive list elsewhere on the blog, so this issue is by no means going to go away!

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25 Responses to Help! My RSS feed is getting out of control!

  1. Martine says:

    Thank you so much for the mention! :-)

  2. Another thanks for the mention :) Like you I skim read a whole bunch!

    Here are a couple of blogs that I always look forward to: – Kepanie is always so enthusiastic and so fun that her posts are a pick-me-up for any sort of day – Dee is one of my favourite bloggers all-time. She’s funny and down-to-earth and I’d love to meet her over a coffee!

  3. Regula says:

    Hello Corrie

    I have about 20 bogs in my reader. Some of them are on yours too. Here are three of my favourite blogs:

  4. Charlotte says:

    Thank you so much for the mention and for the kind words you left on my blog! Here’s some that I read (I crochet as well, so I tried to limit it to ones that aren’t exclusively crochet):

    I also follow There are often posts about food and crocheting, but her pictures and FOs are always so beautiful that I think anyone could find them inspiring!

    I can’t wait to check out some of the other blogs you’ve mentioned! Thanks again!

  5. Tami says:

    Thanks for mentioning the blog! I don’t have too much time to read blogs anymore unfortunately. I do try and keep up with the Yarn Harlot, but it’s more trying to read them a month at a time. :)

    • Corrie says:

      Hehe that’s really funny given how many people link to yours! Absolutely understandable. I don’t actually know what Yarn Harlot is, I shall check it out.

  6. Michelle says:

    Thanks so much for promoting me on your “to-read” list! I need to engage in a similar organizational project with my blog-feed. I have so many that I love to keep-up with. I especially love to link up with Tami Amis on Wednesdays and Fridays to see the projects of talented crafters. I always read posts by the Yarn Harlot, StevenA at, and French Press knits.

  7. Christina says:

    Thank you for reading and mentioning my blog. :)
    2 knitting blogs I read regularly at the moment are: (formerly needled)
    2 others who are now unfortunately posting very seldom, but that I still adore, are:
    Oh, and I’m addicted to ravelry.

    • Corrie says:

      Oh I love Crafts from the Cwtch, she’s in my blogroll but not my Reeder! Situation to be rectified!

      Thanks for the others.

      I know EXACTLY what you mean about Ravelry addiction. I refresh the forum pages continuously looking for replies sometimes, and can spend houuuuurs going through everything and anything. Mostly, things I never knew I was interested in!

  8. Thank you for the mention. It’s so great to know that people actually read what I’m posting on my blog.
    I love iMake to – one of my favourite blogs and podcasts

    My 3 recommendations are:

    Shinybees – (lots of knitting and craft)
    FreshStitches – (mainly knitting and crochet – she makes amazing amigurumi toys that are so cool!)
    Julia Crossland – (art and crochet)

    I hope you find something new here to add to your ever growing list!

  9. Thanks for the shout out!

    I’m fond of the Norwegian blogger Cloudberry:

    And fellow Baltimorian Melodye:

    And Ally B and her little dog:

  10. Stefanie says:

    Thanks for listing me! I have an out-of-control RSS feed myself….some of my favorite blogs are (in no particular order):

    The Sweatshop of Love:
    Kelbourne Woolens:
    Miso Crafty Knits:

    Happy reading!

  11. Hege says:

    Thank you for the mention!
    Oh, there are so many great blogs, so it’s hard to choose just three… Wish you could read norwegian, because there is so many great norwegian blogs too…

  12. Julie says:

    Hi Corrie, thanks so much for the mention and for popping by to visit on my blog. Lots of my faves are already on your list but those not include:
    And lots of others too! Like you I have trouble keeping up!

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