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I thought I’d show you all the patterns that have really caught my eye on “Hot Right Now’ on Ravelry this week. I visit that page about fifteen times a day…at least…so I thought I’d best put my visits to good use! Let me know if I missed anything good please.

Hot on Wednesday

Rams and Yowes by Kate Davies.

Rams and Yowes (picture taken direct from Ravelry)
Rams and Yowes (picture taken direct from Ravelry)

Kate seems to have been in my life a lot recently, with mentions on a number of podcasts, as well as her patterns following me around! The British Breeds sampler pack that I bought from Hilltop Cloud at Unravel provides fleece to spin into the colours and yarns required for the Sheep Heid; and then I checked out Rams and Yowes, which has some of the motifs in the hat. I love it – but looks like I’d have to do a lot of spinning to get enough yarn! The pattern is £3.95 and knitted in a fingering weight yarn.

Hot on Thursday

Pugs and Kisses by JennyPenny.

Pugs and Kisses (picture taken direct from Ravelry)
Pugs and Kisses (picture taken direct from Ravelry)

Because, you know, who doesn’t need a pair of mittens with pugs on them?! Another fingering weight yarn, the pattern is available in English and Swedish, and is EUR3.00 (about £2.24). I’m not sure this would be something that I would ever make…but they’re certainly unusual.

Caught my eye on Friday

Winterlong by Bristol Ivy

Winterlong (picture taken direct from Ravelry)
Winterlong (picture taken direct from Ravelry)

I adore the way the stitches seem to spiral around this cowl. It puts me in mind of icicles or lilies. Knitted up in a worsted weight yarn, it looks super cosy, particular with the squishy garter stitch. Bristol Ivy has just been interviewed on the pompom quarterly podcast – Episode 10, and it made me super excited to see this pattern pop up in the Hot Right Now box! This is £4.66 on Ravelry with loveknitting.

Flabbergasted on Saturday

Damask Cowl by Nancy Marchant

Nancy Marchant's
Nancy Marchant’s “Damask Cowl”, image taken from Ravelry.

There’s no other way to describe my reaction to the Damask Cowl by Nancy Marchant other than flabbergasted. This is so incredibly intricate, beautiful, colourful – a real show-stopper. People’s mouths would literally fall open if they saw you wearing this…it looks like it can possibly be a handmade pattern. The pattern is US$5 on Ravelry – and utilises the extremely popular and topical brioche stitch.

Sizzling on Sunday

Bird’s Nest Shawl by Athanasia Andritsou

Birds Nest Shawl (picture taken direct from Ravelry)
Birds Nest Shawl (picture taken direct from Ravelry)

This is a lace pattern suitable only for those comfortable with knitting from charts. Featuring Estonian stitches and nupps, it caught my eye the moment the page loaded. I don’t like the colour the sample is knitted in – I would probably do it in a teal/blue/purple yarn. The pattern is free.

Massive on Monday

Lieselotte Shawl by Beatrice Perron Dahlen.

Lieselotte Shawl (picture taken direct from Ravelry)
Lieselotte Shawl (picture taken direct from Ravelry)

I really love those spiral motifs on the edge. Can you tell I’m feeling a bit cold and on a shawl kick at the moment? Free on Ravelry, there is currently a knit along for this shawl, which you can find information on here. This ends on the 1st of May 2015, so you’ve got a whole month if you fancy joining it.

This would be my shawl of choice if I weren’t currently on the point of casting on another one.

Bright on Tuesday

Fo’ Shawl by Dreareneeknits Designs.

Fo' Shawl (image taken direct from Ravelry)
Fo’ Shawl (image taken direct from Ravelry)

Having had a look at the sample, I love the look of this. The groups of eyelets/lace motif really appeals to me. The colours are fabulous as well – this is one for the queue when Cold Sheep 2015 has ended! The pattern is £3.89 on Ravelry (for some reason, my Rav is no longer showing me prices in USD) and in a light fingering weight yarn.

I hope you enjoyed this small summary – I certainly had fun doing it, so I might do it again!

Much love,

Corrie xx

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  1. Some lovely and very beautiful things! xx

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