July Resolutions recap and August Resolutions setting

I’m writing this August Resolutions post on a train down to Totnes to spend a weekend in Devon with the famdamily. I’m quite looking forward to it – this is effectively my ‘summer holiday’ with my family, and the next few weeks are going to be super busy, so some chill time will be appreciated!

Before I get on with the August Resolutions, let’s take a look at July.

July Resolutions

My July Resolutions were manageable – I knew I’d had a tough mental health month in June, and I wanted to set myself accomplishable goals so that I didn’t end up setting something that was completely unrealistic.

  1. Work on Icon Dress – Success! I even frogged a huge length of it because I decided I had started in the wrong size, and started again. I learned to do a picot hem (with a lot of help from Purl Alpaca, thank you so much them) and I adore adore adore the textures that are created with the moss stitch. I recommend this pattern to anyone wanting to tackle a dress.
  2. Do some spinning I actually did a lot of spinning and got loads of stuff done. Yay me! This prompted off a post which is one of the blog-posts that I am most proud of in my entire blogging career (more than ten years if you can believe it).
  3. Cast on Zigzag Jumper – I have nearly finished the back piece! The only thing that stopped me is that as a habit I photocopy my magazine patterns a page at a time as I once lost a magazine and had to email the publishers begging for the pattern so I could complete the Dragonfly Jumper. I forgot to photocopy the second page of the pattern, so I’m stuck until I get back home.

So, a successful month, and hugely gratifying.

Cable detail on the Icon Dress
Cable detail on the Icon Dress
The Zigzag Jumper about half done on the front.
The Zigzag Jumper about half done on the front.
Lagoon Yarn - I absolutely adore this, it's my favourite spinning yet.
Lagoon Yarn – I absolutely adore this, it’s my favourite spinning yet.

August Resolutions

I have one big project planned for this month, and I don’t want reveal too much, so my main resolution is to get that launched. In the mean-time, we are doing a make-along in the Monthly Resolutions group (I’ll talk about that later) and so I do have a few things to do.

  1. Knit my MAL project – a baby set for a friend. No more detail here, I don’t know if she reads the blog!
  2. Work on Icon Dress – this is a huge project so I think I’m going to sit down with a pen and paper and set some (realistic) milestones, as well as try to get some idea of a finish date.
  3. Work on Zigzag Jumper – I unrealistically want to finish this by the 21st of August as it would be an awesome jumper for the festival I’m tutoring craft at over the bank holiday. We will see how that goes!
  4. Spin ‘Splash’ roving – this will definitely happen. The Splash resolution is mainly to try the third of a four-piece set of roving spun so that I have the yarn I need for John’s* Christmas present. Depending on progress, it may become a birthday present – it’s definitely time to start thinking about Christmas knitting already. Ack.
Splash roving ready to become yarn!
Splash roving ready to become yarn!

I also wanted to review my Resolutions for 2014 as we are now beyond the middle of the year (where did it go??), but I’m waffling on now so I’ll leave that for another post.

I don’t want to end this SO abruptly, so I’m going to remind you to go and check out what my darling hamsters have been doing!

Much love,

Corrie xx

* Yes, his name is John. I’m bored of writing JS. He’ll get over me revealing this. (although if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll know his name already!)

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