Safe-guarding against mice…!

We have a problem with mice. It’s a complete and utter disaster for our food. However, with several hundred pounds worth of yarn stored in our cupboard, I decided that I was more worried that a few families of baby rodents would find their way in to my bags. This would amplify my misery at having a thousand and one irritating shadows in the kitchen substantially, by destroying all my future plans, and wasting a load of money.

Harry Potter trunk!
Harry Potter trunk!

As a side-note, I went to boarding school while we lived in Africa. One of the most exciting things about this was the fact that I got a Harry-Potter-style trunk with my name on it and everything! We use it as a side-table in our lounge, and it had some of my uni books in it.

I got home from work the other day, and following the rage at the mice eating my plant seeds, decided to transfer all my yarn into the trunk.

Trunk Treasure Chest
Trunk Treasure Chest

I’d like to see the buggers get through this! Take that, extremely small and irritating banes of my existence!

Much love,

Corrie xx

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